Sleep is so important. It can reduce stress, boost your mood and memory, support your immune system, even help you maintain your weight and lower your blood pressure. Poor sleep is terrible for your health, and can even make you prone to heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension.

Since you spend so much of your time in bed, it stands to reason that you want to buy a quality mattress. But is it worth it? Can it give you the quality, restful sleep you need? It can, and here’s why.

Higher-Quality Materials Are More Comfortable and Durable

The high-quality mattress materials used in luxury mattress brands are thicker, sturdier, and heavier than the cheap, synthetic materials used in low-end mattresses. That’s why, if you compare luxury mattress brands to cheap brands in the mattress store, you’ll find that high-quality luxury mattresses are much heavier. High-quality mattresses are usually also taller than their lower-quality counterparts — a thicker mattress allows for better weight distribution and more comfort for the sleeper.

Luxury mattresses are springy and soft without squeaking or making noises. High-density luxury memory foam mattresses slowly change shape to conform to the body. Luxury mattresses focus on features that enhance comfort, like pocket springs that provide comfortable weight distribution without pressure points, low movement that won’t disturb sleeping partners, and even different firmness configurations for different parts of the mattress — so if you need a softer mattress for your hips and shoulders to sink into, but a firmer mattress to support your legs and torso, you can have it.

Because luxury mattresses are made with better materials, they can often be the better choice if you get allergic skin reactions to synthetic mattress materials, or have allergies or asthma that is aggravated by off-gassing from cheap synthetic foams and fabrics. Many luxury mattress brands use certified organic wool, cotton, and latex, so you don’t have to worry about your new mattress emitting volatile organic compounds  (VoCs) in your home. Cheap, synthetic mattresses are often made with materials that release toxic chemicals into your home, and breathing them in can cause a host of symptoms ranging from headaches and skin or eye irritation to cancer and major organ damage. The all-natural mattress materials used by luxury mattress brands also let you skip the harsh chemical flame retardants, because they’re made of materials that are naturally flame retardant.

And because they’re well-made with high-quality natural materials, you won’t have to replace your luxury mattress every few years. You can replace your mattress every ten years, or, if you choose a latex or memory foam mattress, you could even get 15 years out of it. So your expensive luxury mattress is an investment in the next ten years of your sleep.

Luxury Mattress Brands Offer More Options

With cheap mattresses, you probably have only a few options: innerspring or foam core and soft, medium, or firm. But the world of luxury mattresses allows you to customize your mattress as much as you want. Have a sleep disorder? You can buy a luxury mattress design to help relieve your symptoms. Sleep hot? You can get a cooling mattress. Want a different firmness than your partner? Psh, that’s easy.

Whether you want support for your spine or you want a mattress that lets you sleep undisturbed by the tossings and turnings of your spouse, you can get whatever you need from the world of luxury mattresses. There are natural fabrics and materials that wick away sweat in the night, so hot sleepers can feel cool, and materials that hold in heat for sleepers who wake up feeling cold. Side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers all have their preferences. You can customize your sleep experience as much as you want.

Luxury mattresses are definitely worth the money, because they’re made of safe, healthy, all-natural material that lasts a long time and makes for a comfortable mattress. They offer the widest range of comfort features, and they’re much longer-lasting than cheap mattresses made of synthetic materials. For your next mattress, go ahead and splurge — you’ll be glad you did when you’re enjoying night after night of peaceful, restful sleep.