While we are slowly entering the early spring what better to spend some precious time in our all favorite spring cleaning. At the same time upgrading your beddings, upholstering your favorite armchairs or just making a small change in the color of your cushions. You have already decided on the design and the color you want to use but the question is which material suits you best. High quality fabrics come from different sources and have various purposes depending on your personal needs. For starters, there is a linen fabric, which is very popular, and then there are more common types of fabric such as cotton, flannel, satin etc.We have created some pointers to help you on your way to make your home extra stylish.


Cotton can be a very nice fabric to use for your bedding. Especially the ones with a high thread count. Usually you will find the 200 to 600 cotton thread to be the best for use. The fabric will be soft and breathable, with good quality. You can go 100 % cotton if you want. That is best for people with allergies and skin conditions. 100 % cotton is very soft, hypoallergenic and most desirable. There are different types of cotton, depending where they come from. Egyptian cotton is high quality. Plants are harvested by hand and have a high level of purity. It is the best cotton in the world.


In the past flannel was usually made from wool. The history of flannel reaches all back to 17th century Europe. But flannel today is made from cotton. Because it’s warm and soft to the touch, flannel is perfect for colder weather. Before it was mixed with silk. But nowadays most flannels are made from 100 % cotton. One of the best things is it will get softer as it gets older. The more you wash it the softer it gets. Maintenance and cleaning is very simple. Just wash it even in the cold water and tumble dry. It doesn’t get much wrinkles and comes in different types of colors. Flannel sheets are mostly used during winter and cold weather.


It refers to the weave, and not the textile. Satin can be composed of many types of fabrics. But mostly they use silk. Satin weave creates a fabric which is soft, shiny and with a beautiful drape. Satin dates back to medieval China, where it was made only from silk. From China it spread to Venice and the rest of Italy followed. Satin fabrics are durable and wrinkle resistant. The maintenance and cleaning can be a little tricky. Satin made from silk should be dry cleaned. But the experience of satin sheets will be enough to use this luxurious material.


One of the most luxurious fabrics in the world. So soft and smooth. Perfect for sleeping. The benefits of silk are so many. It is a natural material so it is excellent if you have an allergy or problems with skin. It’s very breathable so it will make you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Silk sheets will make you feel comfortable all night long. The fabric is shiny and soft. Can fit in any design around your home. Mulberry silk is the top quality one. The silkworms are fed an exclusive diet of mulberry leaves, and this is how the silk got their name. One of the disadvantages of having silk around is the staining and cleaning. Silk is very easy to stain and will need to be washed frequently. But the general maintenance is not that time consuming.


This is also one of the natural and good quality materials which we can recommend. Linen is produced from the flax plant. The fibers are extracted from the entire plant. The best linen comes from European flax, because they have the longest tradition in dealing with this material. Linen is very easy to maintain. Their fibers will become softer with each wash. It  is natural and also hypoallergenic. Linen is great at absorbing moisture and releasing it. The only problems are the wrinkles. But we think they add to the charm of having linen around. You can try to iron it and it will be successful. Just do it while the items are still a little damp for a better result. General maintenance and cleaning is easy and linen can stand for years. It is soft, breathable and good for the environment.


Bamboo fabrics are soft, breathable and naturally more wrinkle resistant than cotton. Bamboo is becoming more popular because of its sustainability. Bamboo can grow without any fertilizers or pesticides which is much better for  the environment. It is also perfect for regulating the body temperature at night. They trap less heat than cotton. Less heat means less moisture. With bamboo sheets you will never have to worry about mildew or night sweating. It is great for people with sensitive skin. High quality bamboo fabric will come between 300 to 450 thread count. You can go higher than that if you wish and the quality will increase.

Whether you are planning to upgrade only one part of your home. Or maybe the design will stretch to all of the rooms, selection of the material will be the most important part. For the more luxurious, we recommend you use silk and high thread cotton. In a place where wear and tear is more likely to happen, maybe you want to start with linen and flannel. If you want to make it unique and something to talk about, try using some bamboo materials. I’m sure there will be questions raised and explanations given.

If you are still unsure about the perfect choice you can always mix them all up. For your bedroom choice the ones which are the softest and have the best benefits. For the kitchen and the living room, maybe more resistant ones are in order. For the rest of your home make it a free choice. Just make sure they all follow the design you have chosen for yourself. All of the materials above are good for any home. At the end, it is not the design, or the materials which make a place home. It is the people who live there and share memories and dreams. Design is only there to serve its purpose. Make your life more colorful. More rich and luxurious. Make it a little bit brighter and happier for your family to enjoy.

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