Are you trying to figure out how to protect your home from burglary? Read this article to learn more about how to take care of home protection.

Did you know every year, 2.5 million homeowners are victims of burglary?

If you just bought a home or moved into a new neighborhood, protecting your home from burglaries should be on your top list of priorities.

If you want to know how to protect your home from burglary, you came to the right place. Read on for these easy to follow tips.

  1. Secure Your Doors

Although you wouldn’t expect a burglar to go through the front door, the last thing you want is to give them the opportunity to do so.

If you have just moved into a new home and want to make sure it’s protected against burglars, start by inspecting all of your doors.

While your first instinct will be to check the locks, you should start by checking the door frames, hinges, and the mail slot. Once you ensure these are strong enough to keep a burglar away, you can move on to the locks.

Start by changing the locks if you just moved to a new home. You never know if the previous owners have spared keys to other people and forgot to collect them.

It’s also a good idea to upgrade to smart locks, add a strike plate, and install a deadbolt to reinforce the doors.

  1. Lock the Windows

Unsecured windows are also a hot spot for burglars. The best way you can learn if a burglar can get in through a window if by trying to get in yourself.

Start by trying to open all of your windows after you have locked them. Although manufacturer locks are supposed to do the trick, they can often fail.

If you’re able to find a weak spot in your window, you will be able to prevent a burglary. To fix window safety flaws, you can try to add window security film, glass break sensors, or even window bars.

Some homeowners also get creative and install prickly bushes to protect their windows.

  1. Add Landscape Lighting

Burglars don’t like the spotlight, and they prefer to work in the darkness. If your driveway or backyard is too dark, they might see this as an opportunity to break-in.

To make the job impossible for burglars, it’s essential you light up the path. You can start by adding lights to light up the path on the driveway leading to the front door.

You should also add motion-activated lights on the darkest spots in your house, such as side and back doors. Motion-activated lights can take a burglar by surprise.

If you’re worried about what happens when you’re on vacation, you can set a timer on all of your outdoor lights.

  1. Secure the Garage

The garage is also a popular entry point for burglars. Some burglars have no intention of breaking into your house because they know you might have enough valuables in your garage.

Many homeowners use their garage as storage for expensive tools and equipment. To prevent burglars from breaking into your garage, it’s important you secure it like the rest of your house.

It’s a good idea to pull down the blinds in your garage, so burglars can’t see what you have to hide. To prevent them from entering your house via the garage is also a great idea to add a smart lock.

Also, always keep passcodes secret and don’t share them with too many people.

  1. Security System

One of the best ways to prevent a home burglary is by adding a security system integration.

Some of the basic features of a home security system include cameras, wireless, monitoring, energy management, and even carbon monoxide detection. Knowing a security company monitors your home 24/7 will give you peace of mind.

  1. Find Hiding Places

Although you might love your trees and well-manicured bushes, these also make great hiding places for burglars.

To prevent your bushes from becoming a hiding spot for burglars, it’s essential you inspect the area.

Rather than having tall bushes near your windows, replace them for short ones and light up the area.

If you have tall trees, add solar-powered lanterns to prevent a dark hiding spot.

  1. Security Cameras

What better way to always monitor the premises of your home than by using security cameras? Not only will visible security cameras deter thieves, but they will also help you catch perpetrators on camera in case they ever show up.

Most security cameras come paired with a mobile app that has many features:

  • Wi-Fi capability
  • Motion detection
  • Night Vision
  • Two-way talk
  • Cloud storage

Even if you’re on vacation, you can watch in real-time what’s happening in your home.

  1. Get a Safe

Even if a thief manages to get through your security system, don’t make it easy for them to take your most important valuables and documents.

Get an in-home safe to lock away important documents such as birth certificates, social security cards, passports, deeds, and jewels.

  1. Know Your Neighbors

In all neighborhoods, all of the residents have one common goal, to keep the area safe. By getting to know your neighbors, you will ensure you look out for each other.

When most neighbors unite, it will be easy for them to spot strangers and unusual activity before something else happens.

Talking to the neighbors might also lead to everyone starting a neighborhood watch program and keep everyone safe.

Also, if the neighborhood needs a little cleaning up, it becomes an easy target. The whole neighborhood can send a message to burglars that you care about one another.

  1. Put Away Temptation

If you proudly display expensive toys, grills, and other fancy gadgets, you might become an easy target.

While you can have your grill out during the day, it’s also important you store it away from prying eyes when you’re not using it.

Now You Know How to Protect Your Home From Burglary

After learning how to protect your home from burglary, you’re ready to defend what is yours.

Start by spotting weak spots, lock the garage, light up outside, find hiding spots, install a security system, and more.

Are you ready for more tips? Check out the rest of our posts.