When it comes time to start building a dog house for your very special pet, there will certainly be a number of considerations. Will it be an internal or external residence for your darling dog? What type of kennel do you want? What style? What are the best ways to go about this very important project? We will look at this from start to finish as we keep reading.

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We need to start with our very special friend. Are we talking about a small and cute doggy, or is this a significant sized animal, like a Great Dane? Essentially, it is essential to make sure that the dog house is actually able to safely protect and encapsulate the dog, while making sure your bundle of joy can safely move around freely and still remain comfortable. We can’t afford to skimp on size here.

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Ultimately, the style of dog house depends on your budget and taste. It really depends on whether you want to make a kennel from new, raw materials or use recycled timber or other materials. You need to work out specific plans first, so that you’ll be able to buy or find the correct materials for your project first.

Let’s look at some possible options for further consideration:

It’s naturally very important to consider the position of the dog house. If it is going to be outside, we need to think about atmospheric conditions. This way, we can also consider items that will need to fit in the house- such as possible soft cushions for comfort, a flap for a door, or just an opening suitable to your dog’s size.

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Other considerations include the maintenance of the dog house- such as easy access to the inside of it. Will you be having a removable top or just using the doorway to place your hand in to remove dirt and grime?

Will the kennel be in a windy or draughty place or inside the house or shed?

These issues need to be considered before making any decision on the final plans.

There are also multiple construction possibilities:

There is the traditional wooden style of dog house

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The reason the wooden house is so popular is that wood is a long lasting material, that also can look amazing. Particularly, if you can stain or varnish the wood, you will be able to make it look even better. Wood is also a natural insulator so your furry friend will be warm in the cooler months as well as cooler in the warmer months, given the natural insulation properties of natural wood.

Plastic Dog House Option

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While not as smart as wood, plastic is a very cheap material and can be molded to specific shapes and bought as pre made cutouts or even, one solid piece. Plastic does have the benefit of being easy to clean and will not absorb any dirt like untreated wood may suffer from. There are quite a number of designs available for these styles of plastic homes for dogs.

Metal Dog Houses- for the more aggressive dogs out there

While most dogs will be happy enough in a wooden or even plastic house, there are some dogs that are simply too rough, strong and feisty, where the only material that will hold them is an industrial style home. They will typically be much heavier and solid and as long as they are treated, will not be likely to rust out.

Fiber Glass Dog House

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The main benefit of fiber glass dog houses is that they will never deteriorate under any circumstances, save a very severe storm where it blows away! They can be quite light and may need to be tied down.

Fancier Doggy Doors

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If you want to include a doggy door, there are certainly many designs- both pre-made and also hand made that you could go for. Some dogs are happy with a flap design, while others may want one that can be held open in hot weather, as an example. You era limited by the heights of your imagination on this one. This also leads me to the next point.

Decorations with Out of the Box Thinking

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Do you prefer a standard, one color doggy house paint job, or are you into the decorative decals, paw prints, pictures of wagging tails and the like? This is a true opportunity for the creative artists out there. Also, remember that you can go overboard with full artistic license here.

Dog Tents and Soft Dog Crates

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While the ‘hard’ style of doggy houses are the most common, there are also the softer styled tents or soft dig crates out there to consider. After all, your dog can accompany when you are out and about, away from home and they will still want their little protective place, to keep them away from the elements.

Decorations and Further Ideas for your Doggy Kennels

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There is no limit to the personalization and individualization ideas that you can consider when you are building your dog house and some ideas to consider are stick on decals like paws, glittering dog stickers, bones, doggy biscuits and so forth.

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You can even use themes like Snoopy, if that is what gives you pleasure and enjoyment. You are again limited by only your imagination, art skills and budget.

Removable Roof for Easy Cleaning

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The benefits of having a removable roof are considerable, so that cleaning is so much more practical and easy. This will of course involve more effort in the construction stage, but will pay off handsomely in convenience later on.

Closing Summary of Doggy House Ideas

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At the end of the day, you are limited only by your budget, effort that you wish to expend and of course, the amount of disposable income you have. However, even if you are on a tight budget, with creativity, there are many way to make an amazing and brilliant dog house for your favorite pet and show your boundless love for him or her.