In the USA, we are blessed with some truly wonderful wildlife. From the majesty of our national bird – the bald eagle – to the creatures of the sea that we rarely observe, there is plenty to love about nature. Yet, not all creatures are to be admired. When we talk about household pests, we are talking about unwanted creatures that enter our homes. Often, they do so to find warmth, and we unwittingly offer it.

Many of the pests that can live in our home are harmless, but we still don’t want them inside with us. Ants, for example, are quite amazing species that are fascinating to observe in an artificial formicary. While they cause little if any damage, they are still not a welcome resident. Rats, mice and termites, on the other hand, are a major problem and can lead to expensive repairs and dangerous damage to the fabric of a house.

Pest control service providers such as Majestic Pest Control are experts in eliminating a range of pests from your home, but can you rid your property of household pests without engaging the services of a professional? That’s what we want to talk about in the article that follows, so let’s look at the pests that cause the biggest problems in the home.

Which Pests are a Problem in the Home?

It could be best said that all manner of pests are a problem when in your home, the difference being that some cause damage and potentially carry diseases. Among the common and problematic pests are the following:

  • Rats are everywhere in the USA and are frequent visitors to homes where they find warmth and food. Rats can get in through a gap of ¼ inch. Rats will chew into packets or boxes of food, rendering it unusable. They can also easily chew through electrical cables and cause shorts or even fires. Rats may also carry bacteria that cause illnesses and diseases in humans. Put simply, rats in the home are dangerous and need to be eliminated.
  • Mice are another rodent pest and can get into your house through even the tiniest of gaps. Mice may look cute – and domestic mice make excellent pets – but they cause as much damage as rats. Mice will also contaminate your food by eating it, urinating and defecating on it, and chewing through cables. They will also destroy soft furnishings, paper and cards. Mice need to be eliminated preferably by professionals as they mate as many as ten times per year; hence a small number soon becomes a very large infestation.
  • Termites are perhaps the most dangerous of all household pests. They eat wood and hence can destroy the structure of a home if it is made from a wood frame. Furthermore, they do it very quickly as the Queen is a prolific layer of thousands of eggs per day. Termites need to be eliminated as quickly as possible, and it is difficult to do so using the DIY methods.

The above are the three most dangerous pests, but they are not the only ones. You may have bats in your home, in which case you need expert help as they are a protected species. You might also have birds nesting, which in itself is not a problem, but the droppings can make a mess, and they have a habit of nesting in chimneys which can cause blockage. Squirrels and other small rodents can also be problematic, and we’ve already talked about ants. Now let’s look at how you can tell you have pests in the home.

Household-Pest-Control-When-is-it-time-to-call-the-experts-1 Household Pest Control: When is it time to call the experts?

How Do I Know I Have Household Pests?

The simple fact is that many homes have pest infestations and are unaware until they see the actual pest in the flesh. By then, it can be too late to curb the infestation. The trick is to look for the signs of the pest. Looking at the three main problem pests above, here is what you need to take note of:

Rats leave droppings and also have a distinctive musty smell that is very noticeable. Any signs of chewed boxes or packages may indicate rats.

Mice leave droppings that look like coffee grounds and will be immediately noticeable. The also urinate often and leave stains.

Termites are flying insects that will be noticed arriving in swarms in the spring or fall and can also be determined as a present by way of holes chewed into your wood structure or any wood items.

Other pests such as cockroaches and ants are likely to be observed moving around and assured that there are many more where there is one.

What Pest Control Products Can I Buy?

You can buy many pest control products, from smoke bombs to sprays, but the simple fact remains they are not as successful as claimed. We recommend you install rat and mouse traps around the home as these are effective, and you may also look at laying bait traps outside the house for ants, termites, cockroaches and other smaller insect pests. Some homeowners have spent a lot of money buying pest control products only to have to call in the experts after all, so when should you call in the professionals? Here’s our view!

When Do I Need to Call in the Professionals?

The simple fact is that the best way to get rid of pests is the professional way. Not only is it the cleanest and most efficient way, but you will also find it is not at all expensive to have a professional eradicate any type of household pest. They will also help you pest-proof your home by advising the best ways to close holes and gaps and keep pests out.

If you think you have pests, by all means, try one or more of the off-the-shelf products, but we do believe you will end up turning to the professionals for the best results in pest removal and eradication.

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