Your ceilings are just as important as any part of the house. In fact, it’s called the fifth wall of a room. Thus, a huge expanse of a ceiling means it can do so much in the aesthetics of a house if designed and given the proper treatment.

Wood is a natural material that’s cozy and gives instant warmth to a house. If you want to upgrade your ceiling, you can update it yourself with DIY wood plank ceiling and give it a design and look that’ll stand out. There are many ways a wood plank ceiling can bring beauty to your home, and you should consider this option when you build a house or renovate, too.

Here are just some of the reasons a wood plank ceiling can bring beauty to your home:

  1. Natural Beauty

Wood comes from a living and breathing thing, so the appeal of wood is it’s very natural and organic; it instantly warms up a room and gives a cozy feeling. Wood also has rich grains that make for interesting patterns that are beautiful to look at.

Wood is a vibrant material that can look good in your home. If you don’t like the natural look of wood, you can always paint over it and select your favorite color. You can instantly transform a room while maintaining the strong and warm material of wood.

  1. Make Your Room Cozy

If you have a massive room, it’s can be cozier and less overwhelming by using wood. This is because the materials of wood can immediately make a room cozier and give it a warm look.

Wood also makes a room literally cozier and warm not just by its look of shades of brown but because it’s an insulating material. It can neutralize heat and cold so you’ll not experience extreme temperature inside your home, even if the weather outside fluctuates.

  1. Complement The Interiors of Your Home

Wood is like jeans in fashion; it complements everything. If you have wooden ceilings, it won’t look out of place whether you choose modern or classic interior furniture pieces. Natural wood also goes well with most colors. So, if you have colored walls, the wooden ceilings will not overpower the room and will just blend in.

Thus, wood provides the necessary contrast your home needs to create an interesting look.

  1. Give Your Home A Cottage Look

If you prefer classic interiors and a cottage look, you can achieve this easily with wooden ceilings. Simply complement the wooden ceilings with wooden and classic furniture, like bookcases and sofa sets to give your home a classic Victorian-era cottage look.

Also, opt for wooden flooring to complete the warmth and cozy feeling of a cottage and add some carpets to reconstruct timeless era interiors.

  1. Give Your Home A Historical Charm

Reclaimed and distressed wood planks are being used in interior décor for quite some time. Usually, these wooden planks come from historical sources, such as old houses and wooden ships.

These woods have already served the test of time and are a great decorative element and piece that can be used on your home as wood plank ceilings. They can be a source of interest and a conversation piece. The scrapes, dings, and dents on the wood is an art with a story to tell, and it’ll add to the overall charm of your house.

  1. Plywood Has Its Own Aesthetic Appeal

If you’re on a tight budget, plywood can be your best option. Plywood is a wood material that’s easy to source and install in your home. Plywood generally has a smooth finish, which can give your ceiling a glossy look.

An advantage of using plywood as a ceiling is that it’ll bounce off the light. If you have lighting fixtures or ambient lighting, the wooden plywood will help bounce off the light creating a soft glowing look in the nooks and crannies where you have installed the ambient light.

  1. Tongue and Groove

Some wooden planks come in tongue and groove. Tongue and groove is a way of fitting similar edges; edge to edge is easy to install and has its own aesthetic look.

The main benefit of a tongue and groove wood plank ceiling is it elongates a room. If you have a narrow or small space, the tongue and groove ceiling can create a bigger space visually.

Final Thoughts

Wood is a material that’s beautiful and will be a great addition to any home. Most homes use wood because it’s a flexible material that can be used anywhere and can complement any aesthetic.

Wood is also environmentally friendly and sustainable, so using wood is doing your part in protecting the environment.