Do you look with envy at the homes you see on social media? If so, you can stop with the jealous stares. There are a few tips that will help you decorate your home like a professional. If you follow these tips, you have the means to easily transform your home into something to be envied.

1. Use Blankets and Pillows as Style Elements

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to add style to your home is to use throw pillows and blankets. You can find them at any home goods or department store, and they come in a wide variety of styles.

The pillows don’t need to be identical. In fact, you should look for three or four different pillows. Don’t be afraid to go bold, as long as the color and style match the rest of your home. Spread them out and add one or two throw blankets throughout the room. Look online and learn different ways in which you can fold the blankets.

2. Use Strategic Lighting

Most interior designers rely on lighting to completely transform a room. All it takes is one bold fixture, and you might not recognize your space. With dramatic lighting, you create a focal point in the room. You also make a room brighter and more welcoming to your guests.

It’s possible to get very creative with your lighting options. Instead of browsing the aisles of your local home improvement store, look for a lighting store.

3. Buy Tall Indoor Plants

Do you live in a small apartment or have a small room? If so, there’s an easy way to make your room appear larger. Buy a tall plant and place it in a corner. It tricks the eye into thinking the room is larger than it is.

When choosing a pot for the plant, do so carefully. The pot should also match the style of other accessories in the room.

4. Use Grouped Decor

Typically, people with no experience interior decorating will buy identical items and group them together. But this could be a mistake. Professionals tend to group items that are different in appearance together. They might have three of the same objects, each in a different color. Or, they may choose three completely unique objects.

5. Don’t Hide from White

White isn’t always boring. By adding some white to your walls, you may be able to create a more relaxing atmosphere. White accessories can have the same effect. For instance, white candles in your bathroom could create the feeling that you and your guests are in a spa.

Should You Hire an Interior Designer?

Following the tips above can help you be better at decorating your home. However, it’s not enough to make you an expert. Interior designers spend years perfecting their craft. They take classes, do apprenticeships, and remain up-to-date on the latest trends. If you want to have the same results as a pro, you need to work with a professional.

Fortunately, an interior decorator might fit into your budget. In most cases, using a decorator saves money. You may be able to get affordable deals on some items. Additionally, you’re less likely to go over-budget. Because a professional is used to working on tight budgets, they will crunch the numbers and prevent you from going overboard.

There’s also the issue of time. The average household in Richmond has 2.35 people. Whether you have kids or a busy job, you don’t have time to decorate.

If you’re considering making some changes to your home, you should start looking for an interior decorator. Erin Gilmer Interiors is ready to advise you on your home.