Studies highlight that burglars consider home door security a strong deterrent when choosing a property to break into. After all, planned robbery strategies are no match to a home with good security measures.

Beyond the traditional keys and padlocks, you can do so much more with improved tools, including modern alarm systems that sometimes come with instant police notification features. Homemakers must then know which equipment to install and what is the most secure type of lock for their doors.

We understand that home security can be an overwhelming subject to discuss. Hence, allow us to give you a head start through this quick guide.

Importance of Home Door Security

The biggest benefit of making your home secure is how it makes your larger community safer at the same time. Safe homes contribute to a safe community.

Other than cultivating good relationships with neighbors, technology and tools serve to provide security in any home. While being next to a vigilant and observant neighbor might help, nothing can replace the efficiency of a secure door.

It will also improve the quality of your sleep and provide you the peace of mind that it’s okay to leave your home unattended even for extended periods.

Ways To Make Your Home Door More Secure

Anyone would want their homes free from danger, especially when they are away. This is why home door security and similar systems are no longer considered wants but necessities for a safe home. That being said, every home security effort starts right at your front door.

1. Install outdoor security cameras.

Installing an outdoor camera system for your home door provides an added layer of security. For one, it lets potential burglars know that they are being filmed. Hopefully, seeing the cameras in your front door will deter them from robbing your home or your neighbor’s.

What’s good about this option is that there are cameras that come with other useful features, such as motion detection. This technology alerts you if there are signs of movement within its scope.

In addition, a security camera will also let you keep an eye on your property even when you’re away. Other advanced systems can even let you know of attempts to obscure or block your security camera. This gives you peace of mind if you’re worried that your cameras might be rendered useless during a planned break-in.

2. Use tried and tested secure locks.

Some argue that the top priority of home security is a secure lock. There are even standards for various types of locks, as established by reputable organizations such as the American National Standards Institute.

With so many types of locks, it is best to consider ones with a higher grade, like deadbolts. Having a deadbolt for your lock makes it difficult for strangers to unlock your door by force. On the other hand, jimmy proofs are another added security measure, being mounted on a door’s interior surface rather than an actual part of the door.

3. Employ the use of smart lock technology.

If you want to move beyond traditional types of locks, innovations in home security like modern locks are now available. Smart locks equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are always a great addition to any home security system.

With this kind of lock, you will be able to adjust temperatures at home, lock doors, open or close a garage door, and turn on your lights from wherever you are. It can even detect pipe leaks or appliances that should not have been left open and then send alerts to your smartphone.

Some smart locks also include voice control and touchpad pin access. Even with such features, these locks still come with traditional key access as a backup. Voice-operated locks, which work with the help of virtual assistant software, are now slowly becoming a trend as well.

4. Improve lighting in your home door area.

Lastly, having a well-lit home door area is also an effective security measure. Good lighting wards off robbers and also prevents accidents from happening.

If there are smart locks, there are smart lights too. Motion lighting can detect potential intruders. You can strategically place one near your front door as well as in other places like your garage or backyard if you can.

These “smart” options are only available through the use of automation. LifeHack has a great article on how this technology can further secure your home.

Making Your Home Door More Secure

We live in a world where having a lock on your front door is not enough to keep your family safe anymore. Fortunately, modern tech advancements have also significantly improved home security procedures.

By keeping the tips we have shared with you here, we are confident that you’ll be able to make your home more secure, not just for you but for the whole family. Keep safe!

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