Purchasing materials, or procurement as it’s known in the industry, is a big part of your new build.  From timber and screws to windows and carpet, there’s a lot of people involved in sourcing the goods and services needed to complete your renovation project or new build.

At Combit Construction, specialist home renovation company in North London, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with top notch goods and services.  We care about your project, and we don’t lower ourselves to shifty work.  When quality counts, we’re the team you can rely on!

So, before you hire a builder, let’s zoom in and take a closer look at what goes into the process of materials selection for each project:

Designers First

It starts with the architect or design team. When the plan is first drawn up, the design team (which may include an architect, structural engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, interior designer, and anyone else involved in the design) will make recommendations for products to be used in the construction process.

These recommendations are based on the specifications for the project. Designers base their decisions on factors such as they type of structure proposed, any environmental considerations and the durability of the materials.

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Is there any leeway for the builder to choose products other than those specified? Sometimes.  Depending on the product in question, the design team may recommend a certain product ‘or something equal’, which does allow the builder a certain amount of flexibility when it comes to purchasing goods for the project. However, in most circumstances, alternative products must be okayed by the design team before they can be used.

Procurement Team

A lot of time and effort goes into sourcing materials and trades for a construction company to build a house. Procurement of materials is the responsibility of the construction team, and it may be a time-consuming process. Materials must comply with design specifications and health and safety regulations, as well as being readily available and cost effective.

To ensure that the client gets the best bang for their buck, procurement teams spend many hours negotiating prices and timeframes to come up with the best quality products available within the budget given.

Cost vs Durability

The cost of building materials is a big deal for both the construction company and the client. It’s not rocket science: expensive materials mean higher prices for both builder and client, and possibly reduced profit for the construction company. But is it wise to opt for the cheapest products? Not always.

When considering a construction project, it’s important to look long-term. Think about the strength and durability of the structure and the wear and tear of products in high use areas. Sometimes it’s better to pay a few extra pounds for materials that will last, rather than purchasing cheap products that must be replaced not too far down the track!

Environmental Concerns

The materials used in the construction of your project must be suitable for your climate. For example, what works in a warm, tropical climate simply mightn’t stand up to the cold, damp British winter. Again, structural specifications for a building in an earthquake-prone zone simply aren’t necessary for the average home extension in the UK!

Some of the points worth considering here are determinants such as snowfall, rainfall, temperature variation and energy efficiency. Your design team will specify products which will respond well to your climate.


As one of North London’s leading building companies, the team at Combit Construction are keenly aware of the need to minimize the environmental impact of each home extension and new build.

Wherever possible, we prefer to use eco-friendly building materials. Renewable resources include but aren’t limited to products such as bamboo, cork, reclaimed timber, and recycled metal.  In the case of a demolition and re-build, we re-use building materials where possible.

An extension or new build is the perfect opportunity to implement systems that will help to minimize the ongoing environmental impact of your home. Solar power, energy efficient windows, extra insulation… these are the little things that can make a big difference when it comes to caring for your patch of green (and they’ll help to save a pretty penny on your monthly power bill too!).


The availability of building materials plays a big part when it comes to cost and installation times.  Avoiding extra shipping costs is part of the procurement team’s focus, and your design and building team will work together to source materials that are readily available, to maximize efficiency and reduce costs wherever possible.


The materials used in your project will determine the look and overall feel of your finished project.  Your building and design team have the experience and contacts needed to source materials to meet all regulations and requirements, as well as complimenting the overall aesthetics of the project.

Talk to your building team if you have any concerns about any of the materials or products that have been suggested for your build.


Finding materials and products that require minimal ongoing maintenance is critical when building or renovating.

Wherever possible, your building team will opt for materials that require little (if any) ongoing maintenance, and although some of these products may cost a few extra pounds in initial outlay, it’ll save both time and money on maintenance in the long run.

The team at Combit Constructions, specialist builders in North London, have been in the building game for 15+ years. And we’ve got the experience, the skills, and the contacts to ensure that the right materials and products are sourced and used for your project.

It takes skill to source quality materials on schedule and within budget. And that’s exactly what Igor and the team do. We work with our network of suppliers to ensure that our clients get the best end of the deal when it comes to all things building.

For more information about our procurement procedures, reach out to the team at Combit Constructions today.

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