One amazing attribute that the COVID 19 pandemic has instilled in most of us is adaptability. The unexpected downtime brought about by the government imposed lockdown has made people view and design their living spaces differently. It has also motivated people to reflect on better living and minor lifestyle adjustments to boost good mental and physical health. Being imaginative around your safe space as the crisis blows over is simply exhilarating.

Many people were not used to being cooped up at home. The pandemic has made them consider viable ways to improve their surrounding. There is no better time to do so as homeowners can modernize their living spaces with modified solutions. For a modern resident of a large city like San Francisco, they have to consider the smartest solutions that can best upgrade their home interiors, not only to improve the aesthetic value but to also update to the latest security solutions. Most residents prefer to have their property’s security assessed by a professional San Francisco locksmith who can update them to the latest innovations suited to the city lifestyle.

In 2020 it is clear that interior designing is not a matter of how good a home looks at the surface level but instead quality and actualizing optimal wellness into our homes.

Home office

COVID 19 has forced a substantial number of people to work remotely. On the upside, the pandemic has finally proven to companies that it is possible to efficiently coordinate work from home. Previously, home offices were just a simple office desk and a chair stacked at some corner in the house. However, the new normal has made people appreciate large working spaces, comfortable office furniture, and more storage area.

Master bedroom setting

This is a new trend that has been widely adopted by parents. Having to spend the entire day with the children can become tedious; the incessant noise, pulling and tagging, and all the mess around the house can drain the life out of your day. A quiet alone time in a neat, safe space is exactly what the doctor ordered in such a situation.

The conflict of who gets control over the TV with the kids around, among other domestic give and takes, has also contributed to change in the master bedroom design. This space can also be used as a home office.

Home hygiene

2020-11-7-13-14-23-991-pink-desk-in-the-home-office How Covid-19 has Influenced Interior Design

The pandemic oversight bodies have continually emphasized the importance of hygiene and healthy living. This has inspired several changes in our homes, such as the adoption of technology that was not put into much consideration before. People have started appreciating the importance of air purifiers and filtration systems. Auto-cleaning technologies for cleaning have also become preferential in this period.

Home garden

Most of us are in love with the idea of a home garden but lack time to maintain one. It could be a small garden or just a terrace outside the house. The beauty of growing what one eats and having flowers emanate a burst of scents in your backyard is liberating. Indoor gardening has also been adopted to improve the air quality in our homes. Having a home garden has become more of a necessity in recent months.

Outdoor spaces

Spending the entire day indoors often leaves many feeling lethargic. The lockdown has made people reconsider a comfortable outdoor space where they can relax after work or just have a breather after a long day of monotonous schedules. Outdoor heaters, among other essential utilities, are in high demand, indicating that people want to maximize their time outside the house as much as possible.

Learning spaces

Learning institutions switched to virtual curriculum, and most parents had to consider spaces where the children would attend class with minimal disruptions. Such spaces have been modified in a secluded section of the living room, in bedrooms, or a whole room designed for working.

The spaces are designed according to the learner’s age and appropriate accessories for a smooth learning experience.

Vocal control technology

Before the pandemic, very few cared about who touched what and why. Today, everyone is cautious and trying to minimize socialization. The anxiety and need to stay safe has led to the rising demand for voice control technology and virtual home assistant gadgets. Smart technology has also come in handy for emergencies, especially for people living alone since they can call for help expeditiously. Smart homes are the next dominant trend in modern living.


Spending the entire day with everyone in the house gets boring at some point. It’s not like many have a choice with the current lockdown situation.

Traditionally, people opted for the open-plan home design layout. The kitchen, dining, sitting, reading, and working area were all in the same space. Today, individual spaces complemented with specific décor are most preferential. There is also the pressing need for separate rooms where individuals can self-isolate if any loved ones get infected with the virus.

Some of these changes will continue to dominate long after the pandemic is dealt with.