The brain has this magnificent power of collecting bits and pieces of ideas over many years to form the perfect image of what a dream home should like. For every person that image is different according to their taste, the ideas they’ve been exposed to and the size of the home they imagined.

When it’s time to design your own house, this strong image takes over and nothing else will be satisfying enough. So how do you turn the dream home inside your head into a reality? That’s where an interior designer comes in.

Get familiar with the space

While there are many ways to capture the essence of a person’s dream, when it comes to interior design, a huge part of the design is decided according to the space. The space, walls and layout will affect the ideas that are possible and exclude others. There are also many different designs that can be visualized, just by understanding what space has to offer. It is also important to portray your preference, so that the interior designer can come up with solutions on how to transform that space to match your needs.

Understanding the style

After the designer has seen the plans, layouts and the actual space if available, it is time for them to understand what style you have in mind. In this stage, the designer will have a meeting with you, have you look through lots of magazines and websites as well as give you the chance to tell them about those ideas you’ve always dreamed of. Throughout this meeting, the designer will take notes, come up with keywords and identify the main style you’re looking for.

Creating a mood board and initial sketches

The next step is for the designer to create a mood board of the style and themes you’re looking for. The keywords, style and overall mood will be a base to portray whether they’ve managed to understand the vibe you’re dreaming of. Certain details will be highlighted and shown to come up with solutions to your space. If you feel that the mood board is on point, the designer, then starts to create initial sketches of what they feel could work.

3D visualization

pexels-photo-1571460 How Does an Interior Designer Capture Your Ultimate Design Dream

After the initial sketches have been approved, the designer will start scouting the market for available products and furniture to capture your style. Once they’ve gotten your approval on most items, the awesomeness of technology will help you visualize your home on a screen as every little detail will be drawn to scale on a 3D software to give you the final look of what your dream house will look like and make the changes necessary to get your ultimate dream design.

The beauty of interior design is not only the creative tools that help capture the final images for you to imagine exactly how your dream house will look like, but also the creativity that they present in terms of ideas, making the most out of the space and mixing styles. When working with an interior designer, they’ll make sure your home is even better than you imagine it to be.