Everyday, individuals passing businesses and even employees within a business see windows that are tinted.  These individuals and employees may wonder “why” this is done, but there are many good reasons for office window tinting.  The tinting occurs mostly on higher, larger businesses, but the reasoning for the tinting still applies no matter how large or small a business is.  The many reasons for office window tinting include:

  1. It can reduce the transfer into the building of solar heat, keeping “hot spots” cooler and reducing air conditioning costs.
  2. UV (Ultraviolet Rays) is reduced. Exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer, even through glass.
  3. Can also reduce heating costs by blocking cold air from entering through glass that is not tinted.
  4. Many times office window tinting will prevent break-ins since it provides non-opaque visuals to passersby.
  5. Office window tinting can also be shatterproof which is another method of ensuring more safety and security.
  6. Makes businesses and offices look more inviting and appealing as different tints are available which are complimentary to the overall look of a building.
  7. Window tinting is easy to install and does not interrupt office operations while being installed.
  8. Employees are generally happier in window tinted buildings, as no bright glare from unprotected windows interrupts their job functions and makes them miserable. Miserable employees can contribute to a huge turnover rate in a business which ultimately can be very costly for the business.
  9. In colder climates snow glare can be a real problem and this is cut down drastically by office window tinting.
  10. Warranties are abundant and can make this investment mostly risk free if a 100% warranty is in place.

Literally dozens of types of office window tinting, and dozens of selections of colors are available to business owners for their office buildings.  Some of the ranges of tinting are amazing, from decorative, with an artwork type look to it, to tints that prevent graffiti, which is a big problem for some business offices and their exposed windows.  Decal window tints abound, as do safety, security and privacy versions, which generally are one-way visual products only.  Some can even be purchased that are adhesive free, making them anti-allergenic also.

Office window tinting follows much the same installation as that for cars and boats and is applied to a clean surface that is usually flat.  The tinting is an actual film, that is made of a resin that is usually applied via some type of adhesive, although adhesive free varieties do exist for those individuals and businesses that don’t want exposure to the smell of any adhesive until it dries completely.  Many newer buildings now are looking for “greener” measures of cooling and heating and office window tinting is now very popular among the newly constructed office buildings

Because of the ease of installation and benefits of window tinting, homeowners are sometimes turning to window tinting, for the benefits of insulation and heat blockage, as well as privacy for their own homes.  Window office tinting experts can encounter homeowners that have issues with solar and snow glare as well as privacy issues looking for a product that will suit them also in their needs.

The costs of office window tinting vary significantly, depending on style and need.  Some window tinting selections are even holiday focused.  But all are measured by “length of running foot”.  This measurement plus the selection of type will determine the cost overall.  The more extravagant the design, and the larger the surface to be covered are what is needed to be taken into consideration.  Business owners need to decide not just on price but on the features they want in their own selection of office window tinting.  Office window tinting is sold by the roll, so business owners, especially if installing the tints on their own will need to measure carefully before proceeding to purchase office window tinting.

Business owners that are unsure about size, style, and installation, should always consult firsthand with an office window tinting supplier who is carefully researched before purchase.  Since many business owners, especially those that are looking for a certain aesthetic in their purchase to make their office buildings stand out, should shop around and see which types of window tinting would best suit their style, needs, and the aesthetic they are looking to achieve.  Everything from stained glass to artwork can be found if an office owner does the legwork involved and consults with office window tinting suppliers and specialists.

Business owners should remember that their employees spend a majority of each day in the office.  Having a welcoming environment can be achieved with office window tinting.