It’s often assumed that you need a realtor when selling your home. However, this isn’t true as you can opt to go for the For Sale By Owner option or FSBO. In today’s economy where the value of homes isn’t rising quite as fast, unlike in the past, this idea is quite tempting. You might save up to 6% of your sales proceeds by opting for the FSBO strategy, money that would have otherwise gone to pay the realtor.

If this has, no doubt, drawn your attention, you need to know that selling your home without a professional realtor requires a lot of work. If you still believe you’re capable of doing this, here’s an outline of how to go about selling your house in Idaho:

  1. Set A Realistic Price

How fast you manage to sell your home will depend on how much you price it. For FSBO, you should, ideally, value the home at or marginally below its market value. Doing this is crucial as you don’t have the help from a real estate agent who boasts of immense marketing skills that can convince cash home buyers in Boise to pay even more.

To determine your home’s realistic value, you should hire an expert real estate appraiser. You can also check out online data on the market value of other comparable properties.

  1. Prepare Your Home

You need to properly prepare your home to ensure it’s in sparkling condition if you opt for the FSBO route. By doing this, you’ll get the most value from your home as it will look appealing to the potential buyer.

The steps you should take when preparing your house for sale include:

  • Decluttering the house: You need to remove all the junk in your home to ensure it’s sold within the shortest duration and at maximum value. While this might be challenging, you need to do it once you’ve decided to sell the house.
  • Thoroughly clean the house: Ensure the entire house is sparkling clean from the windows to all other areas in your home.
  • Improve the curb appeal: Your home’s first impression matters a lot to the prospective buyer. Therefore, you should make sure curb appeal is excellent by removing the weeds, placing several colorful flowers on the porch, and adding fresh mulch. If you want to go the extra mile, consider placing a new welcome mat and paint the front door.
  • Do the required repairs: Make sure to fix any conspicuous cosmetic issue visible to the potential buyers during the home inspection.
  • Hire a professional stager: How well you stage your home will impact the potential buyer’s decision to buy the house. Therefore, hire a professional stager who’ll arrange your house to make it look neat, spacious, and well-organized.
  1. Market Your Home

Selling your home through the FSBO route is quite a challenge because you’re in charge of doing all the marketing. This can be quite challenging as the competitive real estate market is filled with experienced agents who boast of the network, tools, and resources to promote homes available for sale.

However, you shouldn’t be too concerned about this as you can implement a few useful tips to stand out in this competitive space. These include:

  • Designing appealing listing decryption.
  • Hiring a professional photographer to take stunning pictures of your home.
  • Distributing ads and signs.

You should also not fail to tap into the Internet’s potential to reach a broader audience of prospective buyers. This means posting pictures of your home on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

  1. Confirm You Have Qualified Buyers

Although you’re keen to sell your house, make sure not to overlook your safety. Because of this, it’s essential to note down the names of the agents and prospective buyers who inspect your home. Doing this will help keep away the jokers and safeguard your belongings from getting stolen.

For the serious potential buyers, you need to politely request proof of funds if they intend to pay in cash or a mortgage preapproval letter. Doing this gives you a clearer picture of the buyer’s capacity to buy your home.

  1. Know The Possible Obstacles

After deciding to sell your house in Idaho, you need to identify the possible setbacks you might face during this entire process. Some of the complicated issues you need to be aware of include:

  • Problems with the chain of title
  • Dealing with non-permitted work
  • Incorrect pricing of your property
  • Handling non-permitted work
  • Possible financing challenges
  1. Understand The Rules

When selling a house in Idaho, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations governing property sales in your state. This includes rules on:

  • Lead paint disclosures
  • Fair house pricing
  • Offer-and-acceptance plus sales contracts

With all these measures in place, you safeguard yourself from a possible lawsuit for violating specific rules and regulations.


The FSBO option can be a challenging and intimidating route to take for a homeowner selling property. But, despite the setbacks, it’s still possible to successfully sell your home. If you had concerns about going about this entire process, this insightful guide has offered everything you need to know. Therefore, you can now confidently proceed with the sale of your house.