The interior of a modern office should be thought out to the smallest detail. What are the main points that affect the atmosphere within the team and the overall productivity of work? Why do world-famous companies hire professional designers to design the interior of the interior space of offices? It’s simple: the correct use of individual chips can unite the team and increase efficiency.

Recent working years have become special for all entrepreneurs. At least because everyone had to solve the issue of employee productivity. Throughout this period, companies then transfer employees to remote, then return them to offices, some prefer renting virtual offices like office space in San Francisco and such changes always affect the efficiency of the workflow. And while the business is evaluating the advantages of each of the scenarios, let’s try to understand how the design and arrangement of an office space affect the mood and success of those who are in it.

Color affects mood

Even from school drawing lessons, many people remember that red excites, and green calms. However, in the case of an office interior, everything is not so clear: it is not worth using too bright neon colors in the work area. They overload the visual centers and the employee quickly gets tired or even becomes irritable.

To create a single composition in the office, use unity in the color scheme. A room in gray or beige tones will be a good base for creativity. You can add bright details to such an office. For example, computer chairs in juicy shades or a stylish office desk with a pedestal of contrasting colors.

Cold shades create mental stress, so you should not paint the walls blue. But you need to use warm colors – they act relaxing, but do not cause apathy or aggression.

An open office is unnerving

The so-called Open space offices have their pros and cons. This layout has a good effect on work efficiency: employees constantly feel that they are being watched and are not distracted by extraneous matters. On the other hand, it causes a strong nervous tension. Office workers burn out quickly, earn neuroses or quit in search of a more comfortable place to work.

You can solve the problem with mobile partitions. Such screens are installed between tables and create a privacy zone without losing useful office space.

The decor of the room creates comfort

The productivity of work is affected by the way the workplace is designed. Comfort can be created in several ways. It is interesting to decorate the office with a large panel or painting on one of the walls of the room. You can replace boring blinds with fabric curtains.

And you can also complement the interior with cozy upholstered furniture. Let it not look too strict so that employees can feel at home.

A joint space for recreation unites the team

The arrangement of even a small recreation area significantly increases labor productivity. Employees know that they can take a short break from work and quietly settle down in a quiet corner.

o2 How does the office interior affect the team and performance?

Studies show that it is better to furnish such areas with double sofas, classic armchairs, or bag chairs. If there is only a large sofa in the recreation area, employees will feel uncomfortable, being the first to take a place for rest.

Greenery adds calmness

A person on a subconscious level regards the abundance of greenery as a safe island on which to hide. The more living or artificial greenery there is in the office, the calmer employees feel.

This applies not only to greenery but also to any natural elements: small table fountains, a wall with a bubble lamp, wooden furniture, and so on.

Light affects cheerfulness

It is very important to choose the right lighting in the office. So, the cold bluish light imitates the moonlight and is subconsciously recognized as nocturnal. Naturally, there is no question of any productivity in such conditions.

Neutral white – best imitates the midday sun. This option is the most optimal because it does not make the shadows thicker and does not depress the work of nerve centers.

Warm white – this light is similar to dawn or sunset lighting and is one of the most effective for stimulating work. The body thinks that now is only the beginning of the day and it is necessary to activate all the forces and recharge with cheerfulness. However, it is impossible to work for a long time in such lighting – fatigue quickly sets in after a surge of strength.

The best option would be to install several light sources with different lamps in the office. And even better – to organize personal lighting with the help of a floor or table lamp at each workplace.

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