The view outside, often through one or more windows but also through doors and other entryways, should always be considered in the total appearance of the room.

In this sense, exterior elements which are visible from inside are a part of the interior design. Whether we want them to or not, the elements outside create a subliminal construction.

Within that structural space are things like color scheme, outdoor furnishings, external fittings, and other outside architectural features located within the visible range of the room. In many cases, the shapes and size of the windows and entryways into the room also add to the total design.

Exterior features will vary greatly from place to place. Those with a mountain view or whose property is in a forest certainly have different exterior environments than someone living in Manhattan or a similarly dense downtown area.

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But, wherever you live, using the elements that are seen from your dwelling allows you to incorporate those design elements and subliminally open the actual floor space. Using this ultimate design technique, you are able to remodel the rooms of your condo, apartment, and house with a designer’s eye that encompasses the whole environment.

Here are some further tips for bringing exterior elements into your interior design:

 Including the Exterior in Interior Design Creates More Visually Appealing Spaces

Interior design is actually a special branch of architecture or environmental design that takes into account everything in orderly and meaningful proportions. The best interior designs are those that consider the totality of the room, including the structure, the individual pieces of furniture, the placement of the walls and windows and does so without omitting the architecture and landscaping.

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A bedroom overlooking a garden is the perfect opportunity to invite the outside elements of landscaping in to enhance the interior of the room. It doesn’t even have to be a delicately manicured garden since it’s possible to buy wildflower seed mix in bulk and scatter them into the lawn within sight from the bedroom window. The ultimate interior design may include the garden or wildflower array in the color palette, the shapes of the shades, or drapes that frame the beautiful view.

 The Significance of the Doors in Your Space

Another external consideration in the design of a specific room is the function of the doorways in a house. The furniture, color coordination, and textures that surround a door creatively introduce this structure to the inhabitants.

A door can draw attention and be used to enhance the doorway or subdued in correlation to its function. You would want to create a flowing feeling from the kitchen into the family room and reduce the appearance of a door that led to a closet. If the door leads outside, you may want to create an inviting entrance with a coat rack and ornate table nearby for keys.

A window overlooking a beautiful skyline in the living room or the altered windows in a bedroom overlooking a garden are perfect examples of how outdoor elements that are allowed to be used in the interior design affects the interior design in a delightfully positive manner.

If you want to create a space that has a total, adhesive and creative look, taking the exterior environment into consideration will ultimately emphasize the totality of the interior design and details.