The quality of the decking, siding or fence material is the most important factor when choosing wood. One of the undisputed leaders of recent years in popularity among customers is the smooth hardwood, Ipe. The demand appeared not only because of the incredible attractiveness of this material, but also because of the unique properties that allow not to lose quality for many decades.

And if you are ready to make a choice in favor of Ipe, then professionals from Delta Decks will install wood Ipe decking in your yard — you will get a durable and aesthetically attractive terrace in an instant! However, let’s take a closer look at the features of this material.

Is Ipe wood good for decking?

Yes, and here are some reasons why Ipe wood is the best choice for decking:

  1. This material is very dense and not as combustible as common types of wood (the fire resistance is almost equal to steel or concrete), so it is ideal for decking an area that will become an outside kitchen.
  2. It more easily tolerates harsh climatic conditions.
  3. It repels insects due to the presence of special essential oils in the composition.

However, the density of this decking material can also be a problem when drilling holes. That’s why it’s best to turn to professional deck builders when installing structures from Ipe.

Is Ipe cheaper than composite?

The two materials are approximately the same in pricing (for example, 4×4 goes for around $80 in an 8-foot length). However, Ipe wood is much more profitable in terms of its properties, because:

  • composite is not a natural product;
  • much larger floorings can be made from Ipe than from a composite due to the rigidity of the structure;
  • synthetic floorings change their size when exposed to heat/cold, while Ipe remains stable;
  • the composite is not resistant to fire.

In addition, it scratches easily and is not as durable. So, it is much better to invest in an Ipe wood decking installation than to repair or even replace a composite deck in just a few years.

How long will an Ipe deck last?

According to statistics, the average service life of this material is at least 50 years (without replacement). Natural oils preserve the quality of the wood and prevent insects, fungus and mold from infecting it. However, in order to maintain the aesthetic appeal of Ipe and extend the operation even more (up to 75 years), it is worth resorting to regular care.

Ipe is more durable than other woods

The purchase of such decking will significantly save on subsequent repairs or replacement of the material, since Ipe is simply incredibly long compared to the usual 15-25-30 years for common types of wood.

However, when ordering Ipe decking from Ontario, remember to check that the experts provide you with FSC-certified wood. The Delta Decks team works only with real and high-quality materials that will last you a very long time — contact us to create the perfect space in the yard!

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