Many people wonder why there is a vast pricing difference between house clearance companies in London. KwikSweep believes the reason is that the biggest costs in house clearance companies are recycling of waste legally and wages. Below are some of the costs involved in a reputable house clearance company in London.

  1. Staff wages. This is accrued from the staff that is sent to your property. Staff send could be at least three people, and this can be a standard in house clearance companies in London. This is to ensure their safety and health. Based on minimum wage, insurance, eight working hours per day and the company’s Pay As You Earn, the minimum cost is £216.
  2. Recycling costs. Companies cannot use Council waste sites and must pay at Licensed Commercial Waste Stations to dispose of their waste legally and comply with government legislation. To dispose of client’s waste legally, a company must be registered with the Environment Agency and hold a Waste Carriers License.

The cost to recycle general household waste in London can vary significantly. Companies are charged by weight and normally charged for a minimum of one tonne. These costs can be as much as £200.00 per tonne depending on the area and the recycling station. Most companies house clearance companies in London use Luton vans for accessibility. These vans normally carry up to 1.5 tonnes. This cost excludes many items that you would find in your home, and clearance companies will have to pay extra to recycle items. However, the standard minimum cost is £180.00 per van load.

Examples of recycling costs.

  • Mattress recycling costs. Mattresses include seat cushions and bed headboards. The minimum cost for these is £60.00
  • Fridge and freezer clearance cost is based on the average of two. The cost is £80.00. This cost will differ depending on the size of the freezer and fridge.
  • Televisions also attract house clearance costs, and this is determined by the size of the television. The cost varies from£15.00 up to £45.00. This prize is set on an average of two televisions. The standard prize in London is £40.00.
  • All electrical goods from a kettle, toaster, iron, radio, among others, have a minimum recycling charge of £5.00 per item. This can differ depending upon the size of goods price based on an average of 10 items in a household. The standard prize for house clearance for such items in London is £50.00.
  1. Vehicle costs. Many house clearance companies in London will renew their vehicles every two to three years to ensure they have reliable vehicles on the road. A Luton van costs on average £26,000.00 on maintenance, repairs, road tax. However, Luton van can be hired for an average cost of £60.00 a day with a £200.00 refundable deposit. Another important house clearance cost determinant is gas cost. Trucks and vans are used to and from the client’s property and then to and from the waste stations. The minimum cost for the gas is £20.00.
  2. Licenses and Insurance. A decent house clearance company must have a valid Waste carriers license. Each staff member should carry an identification card showing their registration details with the London or Unite Kingdom Environmental Agency. They will also have Public and Employers liability insurances to cover the client’s property for accidental damage and staff injury. This will vary depending upon the company cover. The estimated minimum cost is £1,000.00 per year. This price is based on the average year at 260 days, excluding weekends. So the minimum license and insurance cost for a single day will be around £3.85.
  3. Operating cost. Another cost that is incurred during a house clearance in London is the company operating cost. This cost revolves around maintaining websites, telephone lines, marketing and advertising. The cost of these services is approximately £25.00. House clearance companies in London have physical offices with administration staff that includes accountants. The rent needs to be paid and the staff to be paid. This is estimated to £25.00. So company operating cost for a single client will be an estimated £50.00

All the above breakdown of costs is a determinant of the overall cost that you will be charged for house clearance services in London. However, the prices may differ from company to company depending on the quantity of waste in your property and also depending on the services given during the house clearance exercise. Any house clearance company that quotes very low and extremely high prices should be avoided because the alleged house clearance firm could be rogue. Also, there are many more items that are charged individually, such as paint cans, chemicals, rubber tires, gas cylinders, asbestos, among others. Many clearance companies in London may refuse to take such items due to the cost to dispose of the goods.

As a client, it’s important to do due diligence before committing yourself to any company for house clearance service.

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