Okay, so your house is weather-beaten and could benefit from some thoughtful renovation. Does it matter? Living in a tight community frequently means that the people around us form first impressions. It could arise from something we do, unique mannerisms, the car we drive – almost anything. Of everything we own with high visibility, it’s hard to hide our home. People passing by look at it every day. It’s an integral part of the construction infrastructure in the area. And, after all, it’s arguably our mainstream asset – the family’s pride and joy. One day when we sell it, traditionally we’ll clear a tidy sum as long as it’s in good shape and well-maintained.

Think of it this way. The more appealing a home looks outside, the more onlookers want to see what’s inside. The entire residential property market has thrived on that curiosity for decades. It indicates that curb appeal and exterior remodeling are crucial to maintaining real estate value and your neighbor’s admiration.

Here’s the thing: Most of us get caught up in everyday life. We get so used to our surroundings that our minds simply bypass the fading material, warping wood, discolored walls, and peeling paint. This article will give you a fresh perspective on finally getting the outside looking new again.

We’ve researched the entire exterior home improvement arena – front doors, swimming pools, driveways, gardens, windows – you name it. We concluded that the sidings category fails to get the attention it deserves, despite its ability to deliver a significantly unique and pleasing look. We want to show you the benefits of a professional sidings project:

  • Rapidly transitioning to the most stunning house on the block.
  • Making your asset a genuinely marketable commodity if you ever decide to sell.

Why sidings, and what exactly is it?

Look no further than a sidings replacement or new construction to upgrade your home’s value and exterior appeal simultaneously. You’re thinking smart when you give the go-ahead on such a project. Why? Because time and time again, it’s proven to be one of the most impressive construction remodeling options any homeowner can lock onto. In one fell swoop, a vinyl or modern material siding will:

  • Bolster family pride in the residence with enhanced beauty.
  • Considerably improve the home’s energy efficiency.
  • And yield a return on investment as high as 70%.

I’m interested. What’s the cost?

The one realization is that siding projects are not inexpensive but also not inhibitive. It does fall firmly in investment thinking. Materials embrace a broad range of choices, including brick, wood, fiber cement, metal, and stone. Pricing starts as low as $2 a square foot, going as high as $50. According to a reliable Forbes report, the average is around $12.

However, Forbes authors Lauren Murphy and Samantha Allen warn that COVID-19’s supply chain disruption has created availability delays. They also say that pricing may increase when the orders finally arrive. Moreover, there’s a shortage of licensed contractors inundated with delayed jobs stalled during the pandemic.

Hidden costs that can take you by surprise

If you measure the walls on a 3000-square-foot house, you may derive a number like $6000 total budget. But, of course, it’ll go higher because it’s the average cost without taking extras into account. For example:

  • Wood is one of the cheapest siding materials, but the maintenance is high.
  • On the other hand, fiber cement costs more to install but is virtually maintenance-free.
  • Vinyl is easy to install from a contractor’s viewpoint (cheaper installation) and highly durable from the customers’ standpoint.
  • Whereas brick and stone require skilled artistry (expensive installation).
  • Also, the shape of the house figures into the equation, requiring possible customized cuts to get the look you expect. Customizations hit the wallet in a big way.
  • Removing existing siding may add to the bill with added labor costs to prep the stripped surfaces.

Hiring siding installers

Like most renovation projects, siding requires expertise and experience to advise on suitable materials, time schedules, best aesthetics, and evaluate complications that the house design might create. You want to hire someone near you with glowing reviews, meeting all the required background check standards homeowners expect. Also, you want to see more than one quote to ensure there’s a comparison to judge things on.

We spoke to Directorii, a specialist roofing and siding marketplace with an extensive skill resource of verified contractors in the US and Canada. They advise customers to save themselves the hassle of finding licensed, experienced, and compliant siding installers. Companies like Directorii have done the heavy lifting and only recommend artisans capable of completing projects professionally with the most reputable brands in each material category.

The qualities that stand out are affordability, reliability, and speed. In the case of Directorii, they back their referrals’ work quality with an up to $20,000 guarantee to remedy shoddy work. They send you several pre-vetted candidates, all qualified to handle the job, and reviews to support their credentials. However, more crucially, they address any customer complaints instantly, so most issues disappear before it gets to the severe stage. That’s all any homeowner wants when they’re forking out thousands of dollars.

Another significant advantage of working with a home improvement marketplace is that it can provide skills in associated complementary remodeling. Homeowners who replace sidings frequently install new windows, repair gutters, and renovate the roof. Directorii’s resource pool, for example, covers all those needs and provides kitchen and bathroom remodelers. In short, you deal with one central entity for peace of mind around all one’s renovation challenges,


Sidings projects often fly under the radar, giving way to other options. It’s surprising, considering it represents a high ROI rating. Perhaps most homeowners believe the hassle of locating competent contractors isn[t worth it. However, with professional marketplaces featuring extensive skill resource pools, that’s no longer an obstacle.

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