More often than not, people spend time in decorating the walls of their interiors because wall decors are usually within the eye level. Nevertheless, your ceiling, as well as your floors, can also make a statement in terms of your interior design. Focusing on what you see when you look down, here are some reasons on how stunning floors make an impact in a room.

Exquisite wooden floors

Hardwood can be noted as the most common type of flooring. However, the effect of a wooden floor is not the same in every room interior. A shade that matches the wall color will translate to a cohesive theme within the room and this is perfect if you are going for a rustic or a country feel. On the contrary, dark wooden floors that are in contrast with light colored walls provide a modern feel. Nevertheless, you can play around with different hues of a wooden floor to match your furniture or to achieve a certain look you have in mind.

A laminated floor can be a good alternative to a wooden floor because it can generate the same appeal that a wooden floor make, at a cheaper cost. The downside, however, is that a laminated floor is typically more prone to damage. Apart from this, the damages on a laminated floor prove to be difficult to repair, such that replacing it altogether is easier.

Another alternative that gives the same feel as wooden floors are floors made of bamboo. Bamboo floors are durable and water resistant, apart from being eco-friendly. What is great about using bamboo floors is that your room can definitely look elegant with a modern appeal.

Polished concrete floors

Concrete floors give a room a modern feel, but your concrete floors will look more striking if they are polished to perfection. While several types of concrete floors are usually designed for luxury homes, polished concrete floors prove to be the most cost-effective in dressing up large room areas. There are a wide variety of available finishes for concrete floors, as well as different levels of reflectivity. More often than not, polished concrete floors have a reflectivity level of three, which indicates that reflections are highly identifiable. A higher level of reflectivity will induce a mirror-like finish which gives the illusion of a more spacious interior.

Gorgeous carpets

A carpeted floor is another type of flooring that is common in most households. While a carpeted flooring proves to be very cozy and comfortable to step on, it may be difficult to maintain in terms of cleaning and sanitation. Thus, having a carpeted floor for your dining room or kitchen where spills and crumbs are inevitable is often not recommended. A carpeted floor may work well, however, for bedrooms and home offices, as well as living rooms because carpets tend to insinuate a soft and comforting atmosphere in a room. A carpeted floor that comes in a light hue or a neutral color makes interior design more effortless since it can be matched with a wide variety of furniture.

Elegant tiles

A tiled floor is a very popular option for the bathroom, kitchen and in some instances, even for dining rooms. The reason behind this is that tiles are waterproof and spills on it are easier to clean as compared to a carpeted floor. The best thing about using tiles as your flooring option is that it comes in different styles and designs. You can even choose a design that looks very much like a wood if the other rooms in your home are designed with wooden floors for consistency. There is also the option of using printed tiles, which will reflect your personality and test your artistic abilities. An elegantly tiled floor can be the focal point of a spacious kitchen or bathroom.

Vinyl is a great alternative to tiles because it generally have the same look and feel. Like with tiles, vinyl also comes in a number of designs and prints and vinyl are also easy to install. Even if vinyl is typically made of a thinner material, these have the same water resistant capabilities as with tiles.

Lovely cork flooring

While the utilization of a cork is not a common flooring option, it is an excellent way to make your floor the focal point in your room. Apart from being eco-friendly, it is cozy and insulating, providing warmth and comfort you need for your room. A cork floor will also provide an earthly vibe while giving a modern feel at the same time. It looks fantastic with furniture in neutral colors, as well as walls in light hues. What is even great about a cork floor is that it is mold-resistant. However, one downside of a cork floor is that it is prone to indentation especially from heavy furniture.

Artsy floors

If you are then decided to make your floors the focal point of your room, whether it is the living room, dining, kitchen, or any other room in your home, you may want to venture out on artsy floors. These come in either dramatic geometric patterns or floors with lively splashes of color. You might need to align with its design, however, and acquire furniture that will accentuate your floor instead of the other way around. In the bathroom, you may even need to keep the fixtures simple and minimal. Artsy floors usually have an eclectic palette of several hues that you can choose from. Some may come in vinyl, others may be printed tiles. Still, other artsy floors even come in 3D prints or painted murals. Regardless of the specific design you have in mind, artsy floors will definitely make your guests gush with awe.

chairs-2181947_960_720 How Stunning Floors Make an Impact in a Room

It is best to keep in mind that clean floors are fabulous floors. It is also quite worthy to remember that what you see when you look down can greatly make an impact in your room interiors. Thus, perhaps it is time to give your floors some love and attention by making it more spectacular and stand out.