Have you ever paid attention to the doors of your house?  Or, are they such a typical part of your everyday life that you hardly look at them?  Did you know that the right kind of door can change the way your home looks?

Your door says a lot about your home just by looking at it from the outside. It should be inviting and exude warmth to anyone who gets to see it.

Upgrading the exterior of your house can be done by landscaping your garden, painting your walls, installing a new roof, repaving the driveway, and washing your windows. But, one of the quickest and most effective, as well as one of the most underrated, ways to change how your house looks is replacing your doors. This is a low-cost option that has a lot of advantages. If you are thinking of getting a new front door, aside from aesthetics, you should also think about proper insulation against the cold and its security purposes.

Below, you will find out the top doors for your house from NOVA that would further improve the allure of your humble abode.

6 Available Top Doors For Your House From NOVA

Steel Security Entry Doors

 Steel doors are considered as a good alternative to wooden doors. They are also more economical than traditional wood frames. In addition, their shutters can also be constructed out of mild steel sheets, which are bonded to a frame of angle iron. What’s more, steel doors are professionally crafted to fit the needs and style of your house.

This particular type of door is durable and requires minimum upkeep. Also, it is best matched with modern houses, and those with wood-grain texturing.

This specific option is usually used by homeowners who have higher, more pressing security issues.

Fiberglass Security Entry Doors

Fiberglass doors are composed of glass fibers bonded with resin. These are considered as one of the most solid products in the market today, and entails low maintenance costs as compared with other types of doors. They are also known to be very steady.

Fiberglass doors can be used for both exterior and interior areas.

With proper installation and guidance, these doors can make a beautiful addition to your house.

Storm Doors

Storm doors are constructed from tempered safety glass with a durable finish. It has been specifically designed to protect your home from different external forces. In addition to external forces, these doors are also ideal for safely keeping your kids and pets inside because of their stainless steel screens.

Moreover, this type of door features retractable screens at the top and bottom. They are also stylish, which definitely increases the curb appeal of your house.

One great thing about storm doors from NOVA is that they have a lifetime limited transferable warranty.

French And Patio Doors

French doors are for those who are looking for something incredible. French and patio doors from NOVA are energy-efficient and very durable.

This type of door is held on the hinges on each side that when they swing open, they provide an unhindered breathtaking view of the outside.

Sliding Glass Doors

A sliding glass door is one of the most classic choices for the patio. Sliding glass doors are generally used for locations that open up to a backyard or a terrace with a breathtaking view.

Two types of sliding glass doors are offered by NOVA, and these are the designer patio doors and the Prestige™ Vinyl Sliding Patio Doors. Take note that these doors do not open and close, but rather slide open and close on their tracks.

One great thing about these doors is that since they just swing to and fro, they do not take up that much space, which frees up space in your home.

Sidelites And Transoms

Entry doors should make a statement. They should convey warmth and hospitality, and create a first good impression. Sidelites are narrow windows on the right and left sides of the door. They add additional elegance and substance to the door, making it look more prominent and wide. These windows also add more natural light into the room, making the house brighter and airy.

Transom, on the other hand, refers to the window above the door. It adds the overall height of the doorway and can be designed to match any type of house. Doors with transoms and sidelites are a unique addition to the front of your home.


Doors are an underrated part of your house that can change the way your house looks. NOVA offers a lot of different doors, which include steel security entry doors, fiberglass security doors, storm doors, french and patio doors, and sliding glass doors. It also offers sidelites and transoms, which could add elegance to your doors.