Do you want the ‘country feel’ in your home without letting go of its modern aspect? A modern farmhouse is the way to go. Modern farmhouses bring the outdoor into your interior space. They strike a perfect balance between traditional and modern design.

This article will help you achieve the modern farmhouse you desire.

  1. Design

If you’re looking for some inspiration, look at modern farmhouse interior designs online. These should help you figure out which features you like best and which ones suit your home’s layout. Here are some of the features you can add:

  • Open Space Layout: Get an open kitchen design by combining the dining space and kitchen. The open layout allows more light and air to flow inside your house. Combined spaces (dining, kitchen and living room) also allow continuity in the design in your house. They brighten your home and give it life.
  • Large Window Designs: Large windows, especially in your living room, is the way to go. Oversized windows actually do more to the space. They bring in more natural lighting into your home. Keep the window accessories simple and minimal to bring the focus to the window size. Get some black window frames to add color and contrast to the area.
  • Doors: Use wooden doors to maintain the traditional country look. Incorporate an iron grill door at your main door for both aesthetic purposes and added security. Behind the grilled door, install a wooden main door.
  1. Construction

Work with contractors such as Goldcon Construction who are experienced and can build your space according to your preferences. They’ll also let you know whether the features below suit the look you’re going for:

  • Natural And Organic Materials: These bring the outdoor into your indoor space. Some of the natural materials to consider are wood, stone, and leather.
  • Exposed Timber Beams: Exposed timber beams add character and drama to any room. They draw the eye to the ceiling, and bring a rustic feel to an otherwise modern home.
  • High Ceilings: When incorporating the farmhouse concept, spaces tend to seem smaller and cramped due to the use of many natural materials. High ceilings counter that. They make the room feel spacious and elongated.
  • A-Frame Roof: A-frame roofs have a country look to them. They make a house seem more traditional, which is perfect when you’re trying to achieve the farmhouse look.
  1. Finishes

Here are some great options for your wall and floor finishes:

  • Wooden Finishes

Use board and battens for your floor or wide planks for your walls, both internally and externally. These elements tend to ‘pop,’ making the space seem more visually interesting.

Use wood with a black finish to change up the usual brown look. Consider wood that show the vertical and horizontal lines on them. They make the surface less boring to look at. Wooden finishes lose their shine over time, but don’t replace them yet. Have them cleaned and polished to bring back their shine.

  • Neutral Colors

Sticking to wooden finishes and elements may make your house seem dull. This where neutral colors come in. Neutral colors such as white and light grey make the brown shades of the wood pop. Paint your entire wall white or incorporate lighter shades together.

AdobeStock_244255711 How To Achieve A Modern Farmhouse Vibe In 5 Steps

Neutral colors allow for contrast, making the design look more captivating. This also applies to your home’s exterior. Have the whole house painted in a light color, while your doors and window frames stay black or brown. A matte black and white color scheme is another example of a striking contrast you can try.

  1. Lighting Fixtures

Incorporate modern fixtures such as chandeliers and downlighters. Choose a modern chandelier with an iron stand. Use other lighting fixtures with exposed bulbs.

Go for big and bold fixtures. They complement exposed timber beams. Ensure the color of the fixture is the same as that of the exposed beam or is not too contrasted.

Besides iron finishes on the fixtures, use other metals such as brass or rustic gold. They, too, work well with a farmhouse look.

  1. Furniture And Accessories

Here’s what you need to consider when you’re choosing furniture and accessories for your home:

  • Bed Frame: Most modern beds have the usual fiber headboard. Instead of this, try replace it with an iron or wooden frame. Paint an iron frame black to make it pop. If it’s wooden, ensure it has the horizontal and vertical lines to add some character to it. Use light-colored linen bedding to bring contrast.
  • Wardrobes And Kitchen Cabinets: The color of your wardrobes and cabinets should be different from your bed frame. This breaks the monotony of the color shades already present. You can also choose an antique wardrobe, wooden cabinets, and handcrafted accessories to maintain that farmhouse vibe.
  • Kitchen Finishes And Appliances: Make them modern. Have white tiles for your floor, marble countertops, and modern appliances. This breaks the monotony of the country look in the surrounding spaces.
  • Dining Room And Living Room: Choose wooden tables for both spaces, but get modern chairs and sofa sets for a perfect balance.


You can use the guide above to achieve a modern farmhouse vibe for your home. The aim is to bring a balance between a traditional farmhouse and a modern design. Just remember that less is more when it comes to modern farmhouses.

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