If you’re thinking of selling your house, then you’re going to want to get as much profit out of your sale as possible. The more money that you generate from this sale, the more that you have to put towards your next property, so it’s definitely a good idea to think about how to add value to your house.

Pros And Cons Of Upgrading Your Property Before A Home Sale

According to The Property Buying Company, improving your property always sounds good to the ears. Before leaving the home you’ve spent a lot of time and experiences with, you’ll have to do your best to take care of it and find a responsible homeowner. After all, adding more value to your property is a win-win situation both for you and the new owner.

Although making repairs and improvements to the property can, without question, increase the property’s resale value, doing so isn’t always the best case. For instance, if you need to sell your home fast or need immediate cash, pursuing these upgrades may slow down the entire process.

If you’re someone in this scenario, home improvements are still an excellent choice, but selling your property to buyers that’ll purchase it in its current condition is even much better. By negotiating with home buying companies, like the CashQuickBuyers, it’s rest assured that you’ll get a fair offer with no hidden fees.

Meanwhile, if you still have plenty of time in upgrading the property to increase your profit, it’s also advantageous to proceed with this plan.

It doesn’t take much to bump up the price of your house, and many of these ideas require little effort on your behalf. Here are some ways you can add value to your house before selling:

Do Up Your Driveway

People often forget about their driveway when they’re thinking of giving their home a makeover, often focusing only on the interior. As a matter of fact, the driveway is one of the most important areas of your house- and if you’re wanting to secure the interest of buyers, then remember that the driveway is the first thing that they’re going to see as they approach your house.

If your driveway is full of potholes and uneven surfaces, then it’s essential that you do something about it. You should re-tarmac your driveway so that it’s smooth, before thinking about landscaping.

A beautifully landscaped driveway gives the impression that the rest of your house is also going to be beautiful and well cared for. Adding some plants or shrubbery is a great way to make your driveway look smarter, and you might even want to consider some gravel. If you’re really pushing the boat out, adding a grand centrepiece like a pond or a fountain will really seal the deal.

If your property is situated in a colder location with winter months, you can also invest in driveway heating solutions to boost your home’s value. Many homeowners forget about driveway heating, only to find themselves needing it badly when winter comes.

Remodel Your Kitchen

Experts say that your property could fetch 10% more on its sales price if you upgrade your kitchen- so if your kitchen is looking old and tired, you should really consider remodelling. A kitchen bar or island are most likely to appeal to prospective buyers, followed by modern and spacious storage cupboards.

If you want to keep your budget low, then there are plenty of things you can take on as your own DIY project to improve the look of your kitchen. Since the cupboards and units are so important to potential buyers, you could consider either painting or replacing the doors. Another simple but effective idea is to replace the handles for a more modern touch.

It’s not just the storage units that can make or break a kitchen. Although you’re likely to be taking any appliances like toasters and kettles with you, if yours are all old and mismatched, then your kitchen isn’t going to look as luxurious. Consider replacing old appliances with new ones, which you can then take with you to your new house. New blinds, taps and tiling can also help to boost your property’s value.

If you’re looking to inject some luxury into your kitchen, then you’ll want to make sure that you’re going to the right place. Kesseler offer made to measure, luxury kitchens which push the boundaries of style and reject conformity. If you want to make a statement in your home that is free of limitations and constraints, then Kesseler can help you achieve this. Their beautiful, luxury kitchens will almost certainly add value to your home.

Add An Extra Bathroom

Second bathrooms are now pretty much a given in new housing, so don’t put yourself at a disadvantage if you only have one. Many people choose to have an upstairs and a downstairs bathroom, or you could always opt for an en-suite coming off the master bedroom. It really depends where in your house you have the most space to fit a bathroom in.

The great thing about bathrooms is that they don’t have to take up much space at all. Budget hotels are proof that you only need a small space to fit in a toilet, sink and shower- and since your property’s value will increase from it, having the plumbers round for a few weeks will be more than worth it.

Convert Your Loft

If you have a large loft space, then why not consider converting it into another bedroom? Adding an extra bedroom to your house is one of the most obvious ways you can increase its value, and many loft conversions look really beautiful.

Converting your loft is probably going to take more work than any other conversion, since you’ll need to make sure that the room is even safe to be in before you can even think about the design and decorations. You’ll likely have to install heating, floorboards and electricity access, so it’s definitely a process that won’t happen overnight. But with that being said, the end result will be more than worth it.

Add A Garage

Garages are a sure way to keep your cars safe and secure, so many potential buyers will see a house with no garage as a deal breaker. If you have plenty of space in your driveway, then you’ll have room to install a one or two car garage.

The best garages have a door inside that leads directly into the house, so that you don’t have to come out through the main car door. This requires some strategizing, as you need to think about which wall would be best in your house to add a door too.

Tend To Your Back Garden

While a back garden might not be as impressionable as your driveway, many potential buyers still consider the back garden to be quite an important part of the house. A nicely landscaped garden with grass, plants and a patio area is enough to keep most people happy.

If you have any large or overbearing trees, you might want to think about getting them cut down. Old fences should also be replaced, and you should make sure that you’re regularly mowing your lawn while you’re having viewings. You want to help people imagine what sitting out in your garden could be like, so a seating area also wouldn’t go amiss.

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