Selling your home is no easy task. Just remember when you and your family were in the market looking for a new house. Prospective buyers are picky and simple things can turn them off easily. There is really nothing like a great first impression.

The first time a prospective buyer pulls up to your home, they are immediately quantifying and qualifying your dwelling even though they may not even realize it. So let’s discuss what a seller can do to improve the likelihood they will sell their home, and sell it quickly without lowering the price.

Re-paint the Exterior and interior

home-1622401_960_720 How to Arrange your Home for a Quicker Sale

The exterior of your house is the first item that buyers will lay their eyes on. Throwing up a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the appearance of your home.

If you have a stucco residence, then chances are it has some discoloration and potential cracking. Rain, sun, and wind certainly can take a toll on stucco. Having a professional tend to this can make your place look as good as new

Owners with brick homes won’t have to perform any maintenance or touch-up.   Our experts do recommend touching up paint on the shutters, trim,  and other applicable parts of your home.

Don’t forget about repainting the front door. When it comes to colors you might ask the opinion of an expert.

Don’t guess when it comes to selecting interior colors. You want to take the safe route. Choose neutral colors.  The flooring girl says this doesn’t mean white. She prefers grey.

Pay Attention to Windows

photo-1496092607007-ca127e0b6a10 How to Arrange your Home for a Quicker Sale

Windows are extremely important for lighting purposes. Start by washing your windows on both the interior and exterior sections. Do the windows need to be re-caulked? If they do, this is a simple job most homeowners can do on their own.

Window treatments are also important. Curtains can be replaced with a new set of shades or sheers. Color here is also very important. Again according to this resource, go with neutral colors. Avoid options that won’t allow light to infiltrate the room.


photo-1538307602205-80b5c2ff26ec How to Arrange your Home for a Quicker Sale

Have your gardener cut the grass on a weekly basis. Sure you have seen other homes where the owners don’t tend to their yards, and they have a mind of their own. How do their yards make you feel?

Consider planting fresh flowers and blooms in pots. Hide toys and other equipment out of site. The garage is the perfect place to store overflow items.

If you have a front porch, consider arranging a table and chair. And don’t forget a doormat. If you already have one, it’s probably worn. We strongly consider you purchasing a new one.

Declutter Areas

chairs-2181960_960_720-1 How to Arrange your Home for a Quicker Sale

Buyers don’t want to tour a home that is disorganized. A cluttered  Heights rental home can certainly give off a negative vibe. Although you will be taking your personal effects with you, the way your stuff is arranged can certainly affect the mindset of someone who wants to potentially purchase your home.

Clear everything off the kitchen counter. You can leave appliances like your toaster and microwave if applicable. That means papers, utensils, and other items should be stowed away. If you like, leaving a vase of fresh flowers can offer a nice touch.

Then box up all your books and memorabilia and store them in the garage, or arrange the boxes carefully in discrete sections of your home.

Be sure to replace all of your family portraits in your home with other thoughtful options. When a potential buyer tours your residence, if they see photos of other people, it will be harder for them to envision your place as theirs.

Tend to Garage

Garages can also be a very important part of the home for certain buyers. Some may not even take a peek, but if they do, you don’t want it to look like a storage unit.

Declutter the garage as well. Arrange mowers, bikes, and boxes in a neat fashion. Put tools in their proper place.

Be sure and ask your realtor about additional ideas and thoughts. But don’t leave everything up to them. Engaging in a few of these tips can certainly get you started in the right direction.