Starting a small business can be both challenging and extremely rewarding. As your business starts to pick up steam, you may have a desire to invest in a commercial building. With a commercial building, you can set up a permanent base of operations for your company. Once you find and purchase a commercial property, it’s important to keep this investment in good shape.

The condition of your commercial building is a direct reflection on your business. That’s why investing in regular maintenance and upkeep to keep the outside of your building looking professional is so important. Here are some tips to keep the exterior of your commercial building looking fresh and modern. 

Metal Cladding Is a Great Addition

If you want to add depth and durability to your exterior’s design, then equipping your building with copper cladding is a great idea. Not only does this type of cladding make your building stand out, this material also offers a high degree of protection to the building. If you have never worked with metal cladding before, you need to know it is both heavy and difficult to install.

Rather than attempting to take on this job alone in-house, you need to reach out to experienced professionals. You also need to be sure you’re using products that meet the quality standards for your region. Since the cladding fires we’ve seen due to inferior products, standard qualities are being checked and assessed in many countries around the world including Australia. Australia has recently commenced cracking down on buildings using cladding that causes a fire risk. Experts in the industry Architectural Cladding Suppliers, believe this is a step in the right direction for the local metal cladding industry. It’s a great way to transform the outside of your building in a safe way.

Update Your Exterior Signage

Retail business owners work very hard to increase the flow of traffic to their commercial buildings. One of the best ways to attract attention is by revamping your outdoor signage. Over time, the signs on the outside of your commercial building will start to look faded and outdated. If a potential customer sees damaged signage, for example, they might develop the wrong impression of your business. The last thing you want is to turn off potential customers due to unappealing signage.

Updating your existing signs will require time, money and the help of an experienced sign maker. Before you hire a sign shop to produce these items, take a look at the work they have done in the past. Most sign makers will have a portfolio of work for potential customers to look at. Choose a company that matches your style preferences and has great reviews to back up their work. 

Repaint Your Parking Lot

A great looking parking lot is also important if you’re trying to win over consumers in your area. Many business owners make the mistake of ignoring the condition of their parking lots until it is too late. If the first thing a person sees is a poorly maintained parking lot, with cracked concrete and missing parking signs, they may think your company doesn’t pay attention to detail, or is in dire straits financially. 

The best way to restore your parking lot to like-new condition is by having it repainted. If there are potholes or other imperfections, you might want to reach out to an asphalt repair technician for assistance. These professionals will repair your damaged parking lot and restore it to a functional and appealing space that welcomes customers to your business. The longer you wait to address the problems in your parking lot, the bigger they will become – meaning more money to fix them. 

The money and time invested in updating and remodeling your commercial building will be worth it, especially if you plan to sell the building at some point. Si Vales Valeo Real Estate shares that updating and renovating a commercial building before you put it on the market can help to increase the listing (and final sale) price. By working with experienced professionals, you can get these projects completed quickly and correctly to improve the curb appeal of your business and attract more customers in the future. 

You can use a commercial property calculator to determine the potential return on investment for any upgrades you make to your building’s curb appeal.

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