Hurricanes are just a way of life in Miami. According to Wikipedia, “more storms hit Florida than any other state and since 1851, only 18 seasons passed without a hurricane. Hurricanes and cyclones are responsible for over $191 billion in damage with most of the damage being attributed to Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and Hurricane Irma in 2017. Because of the impact of hurricanes and other tropical stores that hit the Miami area, residents do everything in their power to protect their home from the impact of devastating hurricanes.

Can Older Homes Withstand the Impact of Miami-Area Hurricanes?

After the devastation of Hurricane Andrew in 1992, many building codes changed to increase homes’ capabilities for withstanding hurricanes and other violent storms. In 2002, a new statute required that buildings in hurricane-prone areas should be built to withstand 150 mile per hour winds by installing impact-resistant doors and windows.

In 2007, requirements were changed again to include new construction elements like shatterproof windows, stronger roofs and more stabilized concrete pillars. Because these new building codes only apply to new construction built close to the shore, many buildings that were built before 1992 are still vulnerable to hurricane-level winds.

In the present day, in order to build a home with the highest level of wind and storm protection owners have to pay up exponentially more. “Many home starts have stalled because protective building material supplies are stretched and often depleted—delaying construction—and increasing the cost,” according to Ed Hudson, director of Marketing Research at the Home Innovation Research Labs.

Home owners that can’t afford to move or build a new home that meets the current building code standards must do what they can afford to do to better protect their homes. Thankfully, there are simple and affordable solutions that can offer great protection.

Preparing Your Home for Hurricane Season

Miami area homeowners that find themselves in the path of frequent hurricanes are always looking for products that will keep their homes as safe as possible when the heavy rains hit and the wind reaches speeds over 100 miles an hour.

Many homeowners add roof straps that connect a home’s roof to its foundation, but one of the best things to do is to outfit your home with hurricane impact doors and windows. Impact resistant windows and doors for both residential and commercial properties provide an added measure of safety and security, providing additional peace-of-mind.

In addition to providing hurricane protection, impact windows and doors offer added security, reduce noise and eliminates to need for shutters.