For the most part, minimalist bedroom design is not something that anyone can do in a snap of a finger or overnight. Because of its nature, minimalism needs a great deal of organization, planning, and cleanliness. And since there’s hardly anything that occupies the room, there is no room for unnecessary things.

Making or building a minimalist bedroom design does not have to be expensive and difficult. Still, it requires careful planning and thought to create the correct aesthetic choices and functional choices to organize them all together.

For a little help, here’s how you can build a minimalist bedroom design without spending a lot of money. So, take a read!

Get a Minimalist Bed Frame

Searching for the correct bed frame for your bedroom is crucial because it’ll set the whole tone of your soon-to-be minimalist room. Conventional beds are, for the most part, heavy and large, and includes many ornamental details that prevent them from reaching their goal. For this reason, we will only walk you through low-profile bed frames and platform.

Traditional platform beds can be an excellent choice as the main feature of your minimalist design. More often than not, they arrive with a complete set of furniture, helping you to establish the foundation or groundworks of your design easily.

However, the dilemma with platform beds is, believe it or not, they can be costly. Most well-constructed and well-designed platform beds cost at least 2000 dollars. With that said, if that is what you want, then be ready to spend a lot of money.

Moreover, if you toss and turn during the night and are on a tight budget, then think about getting a box spring or metal bed frame. Since these bed frames are usually made from steel, you won’t have a problem from moving around.

Pick Out A Mattress

To have a sense of minimalism and balance, we recommend not choosing any mattress that is at least ten inches thick. Ten inches is somewhat the standard when it comes to mattress thickness so that you undoubtedly will not be missing out on support and comfort. However, it’ll probably get rid of some pillow toppers or plush mattresses.

Leesa Mattress is an excellent option for just any bedroom. In a nutshell, it is an all-around mattress. This mattress has a nice aesthetic, great support, good cooling, neutral firmness, and a balanced feel. It is ten inches thick, and thus, it will not overpower the bedroom with more weight.

Moreover, if you are on a very tight budget or prefers to have a mattress that is quite firm, then Tuft and Needle mattress can be the best option for you. Casper, Yogabed, and Eight (check out our eight mattress review) mattresses are also great options for a minimal bedroom design.

Minimalist Bedroom Furniture

Furniture can, for the most part, easily turn or make your minimalist bedroom from heavy and unwieldy to tight and sleek. For sure, interior designers will advise you to have less furniture in your room, especially if you want to achieve a minimalist look.

With that said, you do not need to buy all the matching pieces that complement your platform to satisfy your functional needs. One of the furniture that you need in a minimalist bedroom is a nightstand.

It requires less space, and it can hold your alarm clock, phone, and whatnot. Aside from a nightstand, you need dressers and chests as well. Your functional needs and the size of your bedroom will determine whether you will need a smaller drawer set or a larger one.

Keep the center point area around your bed away from extra furnishings because it’ll help you maintain a minimalist look and sense of order.

Pick Out Minimalist Art and Decorations

Most minimalists may argue that art and decorations are unnecessary furnishings that only devalues the room. However, that is not entirely true because poignant furnishings can change the look of a bedroom.

You can mount a large canvas above your bed or multiple smaller pieces as they can add color to your bedding set and furnishings. Moreover, potted flowers or plants, whether real or fake, can liven up the room. You can put at least three small potted plants in your room.

Selecting Minimalist Lighting

Just like art and decorations, your lighting decisions can have a strong influence on the minimalism of your bedroom. Most bedrooms are going to need some kind of lamp. Therefore, you need to think deeply and select a lamp that matches your furnishings, meets the needs of your room, and many more.


If you want to achieve a minimalist bedroom design, then always remember that less is more. It is always an excellent idea, to begin with, fewer things and slowly add more things. With that said, begin with the basics. Also, keep in mind that there’s no wrong answer in terms of design.

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