The toilet is among the most important plumbing fixtures in your home. If your toilet has been raising hell recently or the frequent small repairs zonked you out, it may be time to say goodbye to your problematic toilet.

Since most homes sold come with toilets already, many people don’t know how to buy one. They are unfamiliar with what to look for and how to make sure that the toilet fits.

A good toilet may cost you an arm and a leg, so it’s important to do a little digging before buying. After all, your new toilet becomes your throne. Reading reviews online, like the toto entrada toilet reviews, is recommended if you want to know the pros and cons of the products you are considering.

We offer you this guide to help you find the right toilet for your needs, fit in the allotted space, and match your bathroom’s look.

Common Types of Toilets

Over the years, toilets have become increasingly convenient as they now come in an extensive selection of sizes, bowl types, and flush styles.

Toilets also come in different types, including one-piece, two-piece, in-wall, high-tank, and integrated base toilets.

One-Piece Toilet

A one-piece toilet features a tank, and a bowl joined together into one unit. This design reduces the toilet size, and the elimination of a part of the toilet that is vulnerable to leaks further protects against water damage.

These toilets, however, will cost you a few more bucks than two-piece toilets.

Two-Piece Toilet

The standard option for most homes is the two-piece toilet. A two-piece toilet is made up of a toilet bowl and a toilet tank.

The two pieces are securely fixed with bolts, while the gasket stops water from the tank from flowing out to the bowl. This design is the most budget-friendly option.

In-Wall Toilet

In-wall toilets are a sleek way to update your bathroom and give it a minimalistic look. The bulky part of the toilet is concealed within the wall. This allows you to save space in a smaller or narrower bathroom.

Installation of these toilets is best left to the experts, which makes them more expensive. If you’re looking for a sleek, modern, and minimalist aesthetic, this is the one for you.

High-Tank Toilet

High-tank toilets work the same way as the two-piece toilets, but unlike the latter, the tank of these toilets is attached high up on a wall instead of secured to the bowl.

These toilets feature a chain-pull flush mechanism, making these retro models pricier than a two-piece toilet.

Integrated Base Toilet

Integrated base toilets are either two-piece or one-piece toilets. What makes an integrated base toilet unique is that the bottom of the toilet is a full, flush piece instead of a bunch of little pieces like typical two-piece toilets.

The cost of your toilet is a little higher with an integrated base, but it’s a nice upgrade if you want a toilet that’s easier to clean. Additionally, the sleek, rounded style looks great in modern bathrooms.

Choosing the Best Toilet

While color and price also matter, your key determinants should be how much water the toilet uses as well as how well it flushes.

Room Layout

Toilets take up a lot of space in a small bathroom, so planning the layout is important.

The easiest way to replace a toilet is to just put the new one in the same place as the old one. The drain pipes are already there, and there is sufficient space for a standard-size toilet.

However, if you are remodeling the bathroom or building a new one, then chances are you haven’t picked a toilet position yet.

Take into consideration the size of the room. Are there any obstructions and limitations? Are there objects in the way, such as a shower, tub, or sink?

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