If you’re shopping for your business, you might not look at the same places you would for your home. You can head over to Lowes or Home Depot for home shopping needs, but you might want to use a wholesaler if you’re doing business shopping.

Wholesale merchants might carry different brands and models than you’ll find at Lowes or Home Depot. They might give you better prices on their stock. You’ll probably go to a wholesaler for two reasons: the better prices and the different selection than you’ll find at your neighborhood big-box store.

In this article, we’ll discuss buying cabinets for your business from a wholesaler. You’ll want to have a few details in mind when you look for some suitable ones.

The Wholesaler’s Location

Wholesale cabinets are easy to select and purchase, but you might have to consider the wholesaler’s location. Let’s say that you own a business or you’re running one. You’ve rented warehouse space, and you’ll use that as your primary workspace. You’ll need to equip that space with furniture that your employees can use when they come to work every day.

You might take the minimalist approach and have little furniture in the rental space, but you’ll probably need at least some desks, cabinets for storage, etc. If you look at a wholesaler that can provide those cabinets, you’ll need to think about whether they have a location close to you or not.

Maybe you like the cabinets that a particular wholesaler offers, but you see they don’t have a warehouse close to you. Instead, they have a warehouse with the cabinets you want located halfway across the country.

If so, you’ll need to consider how long it will take for the wholesaler to ship those cabinets to you. Maybe you want to get this new company off the ground as fast as possible. You feel like any delay will cause you to lose ground to your competitors.

If that’s true, you might have to go with a wholesale furniture provider closer to you. Even if the price seems right, you may not want to sacrifice the time till the cabinets and other furniture items arrive. A closer furniture outlet might have higher prices, but they can get you what you need faster.

The Price

Speaking of price, that should enter your mind during this process as well. Presumably, you have a budget for cabinets and other furniture. You can’t go over that budget very much, or at all. You likely have monetary allocations for everything regarding your business, especially if you’re just starting and you’re not solvent yet.

You’ll need to consider the price of your wholesale cabinets before you think about anything else. If you find some at the right price, that might matter more than their appearance, color, style, etc.

If you buy cabinets or other furniture wholesale, you can probably get a better deal on a bulk purchase than you would expect from Lowes or Home Depot. They definitely carry cabinets, but they won’t give you the deep discounts you can expect if you buy from a wholesaler.

Do They Come Assembled or Not?

You should also think about the cabinets’ condition when they arrive. Assuming the wholesaler will ship them to you, will they come preassembled, or will you have to put them together?

You probably want to buy preassembled cabinets. They’re much easier to install in your workspace that way. If you get ones that don’t come preassembled, you’ll need to take time to put them together.

Alternatively, you might hire someone to put them together for you. If you do that, though, you’ll need to add in the money you’ll pay this person or team to the total purchase cost.

The Warranty

With furniture, you’ll want to think about the warranty that comes with it as well. Cabinets might come with a short warranty in some cases. You might get as little as three or six months. If you get a twelve-month furniture warranty on a large wholesale order, you can feel pretty good about that.

If the wholesaler you find gives you longer than twelve months, that’s even better. Maybe you will pay a little more for the cabinets if you get a longer warranty with them.

Presumably, you’ll take good care of the cabinets or any other furniture you buy for work purposes, but accidents happen, and damage can sometimes occur. If it does, you’ll want that longer warranty so you can replace the broken items.

You might also get a longer warranty if you use a particular work credit card. Maybe you got an American Express Platinum card or something similar for your company. Amex Platinum will double the warranty on anything you buy with it.

The Aesthetics

Finally, you’ll want to think about the cabinets’ aesthetics. If you want functionality and nothing else, you won’t care about getting high-quality cabinets or ones that look fancy. You’re getting them because they’re utilitarian.

Say you run a business where you have to woo clients, though. These clients might come to your office space, and when they do, you can impress them with the furniture and décor.

If you have some shabby-looking cabinets, tables, or anything else, that might convince a potential client to go with a competitor instead. If you need to impress your would-be customers, you may have to spend more on better-looking cabinets.

You might look for solid oak cabinets, or maybe you prefer ash or maple. You can shop based on color, texture, etc. Even if you buy high-quality cabinets instead of cheap ones, you can still probably get a better price on them since you’re buying wholesale.

Consider all these factors as you decide which wholesaler to use. If you find one close to you that has reasonable prices and a generous warranty on all their goods, that’s probably the winner. Hopefully, you can purchase cabinets in bulk that should last you for years.

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