Moving to a new home is definitely an exciting endeavor. You have gone through the stress of acquiring packing materials, sorting your stuff and packing your materials and renting movers or trailers and you are all set for the change of address.

Now that you have sorted through all the packing and stuff and you are ready to go, you need to assort all your belongings as well as your bills and mails to your new address which might get you to wondering how you could change your address as quickly as possible so that you don’t miss out on any of your mail, packagers or bills.

This article will help you with this issue. We have compiled a list of expert hacks and tips that will assist you to change your address while you are on the move.

Update Your Mailing Address

The very first thing that you need to do while moving to a new place is to update your location address.  You can do so through the help of post office. The post office keeps a tab of residential addresses and once you update to your new address, the post office will automatically forward all your mails to your new residential address.

mailbox-banner-2 How to Change Your Address Quickly While You Are Moving

Updating your address is simple. If you’re living in the United States, simply go to the change of address branch of the post office website and verify your identity and change your address. You can also do so by visiting the local post office or through call.

Updating your address makes sure that all your mails and packages reach you on the correct address.

Revise Your Billing Address

It is very crucial to revise your billing address before you make your move. Because even you haven’t really received your bills, your credit card company isn’t going to believe. The smart move is to make a list of all your bills and contact the respect companies to update your current address.

Nowadays, most companies have online sites where you can update your billing address which saves a lot of time and lets your work done quickly while making sure that you don’t miss out on any of your pending bills.

Notify Your Bank

Your bank needs your address to send you bank statements and also for verifying your debit card business address when you purchase goods online.

If you are acquainted with online banking you can update your current address through your online banking account which cuts a lot on your time otherwise you may have visit the bank personally to get your current address updated.

Billing Address

If you frequently shop online, it is imperative that you change and update your current address quickly to save yourself of any future headaches.

Many online stores that you purchase from function on one click feature intending to save your time. But if you haven’t updated your address already your goods might get delivered to your old address which can turn out to be a bit problematic for you.

Tell Your Friends and Family

moved-to-new-home-1170x0-c-center How to Change Your Address Quickly While You Are Moving

Now while making the move you might wonder who to let know. The good idea will be to make a list of your circle and update them about your new address through email.

The more you let people know about your address change the more smoother your moving process will be. Mostly make sure to notify all your frequent contacts so that your address change procedure becomes easy and quick.


With all being said the more quickly you notify people, utility services and all the government institutions that you are in touch with the more smoother your life after moving will be. This article aimed to provide you with the information that might help you to make your address changing procedure quick while you are moving. Take a good read of the tips to get all the useful insights that you need.