Back health is among the top priorities for office workers as its importance can not be underestimated. There are numerous back diseases related to poor workplace organization and working conditions and a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting over 8hours a day, especially without a break, can affect a person’s health very hard.

Among the most commonly known back problems associated with office-associated work is the curvature of the spine due to the mismatch of the height of the table to the growth of a person, and the constant compression of the internal organs, and much worse things. However, the Progressive Automations specialized website Progressive Desk offers quite an effective solution to this bothering problem – and the solution is the standing desk technology. But upon closer examination, we have to abandon this option: flat feet and varicose veins – these are just some of the ailments that await us here.

How Standing Desk Allows to Shift Between Poses

The most reasonable argument to support the idea of using the standing desk technology is the ability to alternate sitting and standing positions during the workday. The adjustment process only may seem to be quite complicated, however, once clients will experience the convenience of this approach, they will never want to get back to the previous ordinary tables.

And here is where the special adjustable motorized furniture comes to the rescue, allowing customers to change the height of the tabletop and accordingly adjust the workplace to the height of each individual person. It does not matter if he sits at work or stands, the standing desk can be used for all purposes.

Once a person feels tired of sitting he presses the remote control button and elevates the tabletop to the height that allows using the office table in a standing position. And vice-versa, after long-lasting standing an employee can change the tabletop height by the same single button click and take a sit in the office chair.

Technological Experience Share

For progressive European countries, Canada, and the United States such transformable office tables became the vital approach to solving one of the most irritating problems of the 21 century where the predominant share of all the most important work is done from the office, and, if saying more accurately, from the personal computer. Being the world automation leader, Progressive Automations strives to provide its customers with solely impeccable technologies that are able to improve the overall quality of everyday life.

For example, ordinary office employees who need to spend numerous hours in their chairs felt great relief once they tried out the whole range of the standing desk advantages. As a global manufacturer, the company wants to share with its experience gained in the sphere of workspace optimization and provide customers around the world with something more than just adjustable furniture. The company wants to share with the idea of using time and resources effectively supporting the idea that office employees can only maintain a vital and healthy lifestyle when caring about their physical activity and optimal workspace organization.

Progressive Desk’s standing desks are height adjustable to fit the height of a seated person, which means that this linear actuator-based technology is universal and suitable for anyone who decides to start a healthy lifestyle. In the United States, about 90 percent of global IT companies equipped similar furniture, and even Canadians made a decision that office work approaches should definitely be reviewed in order to increase the effectiveness and convenience of office workflow.

Furthermore, such measures are aimed at making employees healthier and by the same at strengthening companies’ improving the lives of their workers who will always remain the most powerful resource the requires to be taken care of. If you have seriously decided to start working with standing desks during your workdays, then reach out with the company and choose your own design for your pleasure.