If you are faced with the question of which table to choose in the kitchen, it is time to put aside the hurry. The dining table is given great importance in many cultures. It is simple: behind it people eat, talk, share their thoughts and experiences. In this case, it is clear what should be the table in the kitchen: cozy, durable and suitable for your home.

The choice on the market is huge: it can be a glass kitchen table, stone, oval, high, low, etc. It is difficult to choose, but we will consider in this article the top criteria by which you will understand what to look for.


The material depends on the appearance of the table, its durability and how it fits into the kitchen interior. Let’s consider what offers are the most common and what you will choose from when you start to see which table is better to buy in the kitchen:

The tables with glass tabletops have a modern design, thanks to which they look harmoniously in the interior of high-tech style. Glass tables are convenient in care and simple enough: they can be used as a stand for a computer, a TV, for eating, working, etc. In small rooms, glass tables visually save space, make the interior airier. In addition, it is absolutely environmentally friendly and harmless option. For a large assortment of glass tables on a metal frame, see our catalog.

Natural wood is the most expensive, durable and status variant. Wood furniture has a unique natural texture, pleasant aroma and keeps warm. In addition, you can consider different types of wood: oak, pine, larch, beech and many others. Each type of wood has its own color palette, aroma and unique properties.

Plastic is a cheaper option but assumes a lot of design solutions. These are bright tables, which can be decorated in absolutely any style. Such tables make the kitchen more lively and positive with the skillful combination of colors. At the same time, the material is strong and simple enough in terms of care and cleaning.

Chipboard is the cheapest material for a table in the kitchen. You can choose it if you do not plan to heavily load the dining table or cook on it. There are several types of chipboards, you can ask your consultant for more details when you decide which table to put in the kitchen.

Important! When choosing, look at not only the properties of each material but also the style of the interior. For example, if you like high-tech, it is unlikely to fit oak natural furniture. In this case, you should look for a suitable option among glass or metal tables.


When choosing the shape and location of the table, Palm Beach Premier Remodeling proceeds from the layout and size of the kitchen. If your kitchen is large enough and spacious, it will be beautiful and convenient to put the whole headset along one wall, and the table to put close to the opposite. When the furniture is on 2 or 3 sides, the dining table will fit perfectly in the center of the room.

If you have a medium-sized kitchen, take a look at the oval and round tables. The absence of corners at the table will allow you to make more maneuvers in the room and put a lot of people at the table. Visually, such a room will also look unburdened, free.

If you have a small kitchen, take a look at the glass models. They greatly expand the space visually. If you do not need a lot of space at the table every day, look also at the folding models. They are compact, mobile and are usually only available on holidays.