Doing your own decor is a bold and exciting decision. The world is your oyster, as you no longer have to conform to how other people believe your own home should look. Of course, that doesn’t mean you are going to go off the rails – some colors and designs truly do clash terribly. However, it opens you up to bringing your creativity into your living space.

That said, not all themes are appropriate for DIY decor. The obvious example is that a palatial theme will never be achieved with DIY design projects. There is much more that won’t work with DIY, but if you choose your theme carefully, your ideas will come to life.

This is how to choose a theme for DIY decor.

Minimalism is not a DIY hack

Minimalism is chic in the twenty-first century, and it is a great theme for DIY decor. Unfortunately, many DIYers use it as a “hack” for cheaper and easier work. I get it. They have great ideas but it’s not practical to decorate a whole room accordingly. The thing is, minimalism is a theme in itself.

If you don’t know much about minimalism, it is a philosophy that elevates simplicity and helps you connect with your material possessions in a humble, spiritual way. When it comes to decor, minimalism is typically seen in clean angles, simple patterns, and utilitarian comfort.

In other words, if you don’t want to choose minimalism as a theme, all it will do is make your decor look incomplete and lazy.

Tap into your culture

For those who have a strong connection to their culture, DIY decor can bring that to life in the living space. This doesn’t mean you should simply place cultural artefacts around your living room. On the contrary, you can take colors and designs from your culture without using sacred objects as props.

An example would be using subtle combinations of blues and whites if your heritage is rooted in Greece. A replica of the Acropolis, on the other hand, would come across as cheap and kitsch.

It is important to note that drawing from other cutlrues is a bit of a minefield. There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration, but if you replicate or use another culture’s artefacts, it will come across as appropriation rather than appreciation.

Go cheap on kids’ rooms

DIY decor should not look cheap. Most of the time, you will be working extra hard to ensure everything looks like it was done by a pro. However, you can have a bit more fun with your kids’ rooms. The reason is that their decor should be temporary.

There is nothing more frustrating than spending thousands on a Thomas the Tank Engine bedroom theme for a child who grows out of it a few months later. Kids should be exploring their interest, and by not imposing an expensive decor theme, they have the opportunity to update the look of their rooms as they discover more about themselves.

This should not mean that their decor looks cheap. However, when committing to a theme, do not go overboard.