The delightful yet destructive charm a child or a pet’s presence could have on our home gives us the need to carefully pick family friendly furniture.

This is not an easy task, as many factors are important to consider while doing so. What kind of a lifestyle does your family have? How active are your child and pet? What is your main idea for the design?

Having practical furniture doesn’t mean it won’t be visually satisfying, and these tips will show you just how.

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The Fabric

In a family home environment, it’s most important to keep it clean and tidy, so the key thing to look for in a fabric is the stain-resistance. Getting microfiber, Ultrasuede (an alternate microfiber suede free from cruelty sofas) and Crypton couches, sofas or chairs is ideal for fulfilling these conditions.

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Leather is also smart as it lasts long and is easy to care for. With leather, the only problem you’ll probably be having will be the scrapes from your pet’s claws, which are not so bad considering they’ll give your furniture a unique look.

If you’re not comfortable with buying a material that’s made from animals, then pleather is the thing for you. It has the appearance of leather, with the difference being that it’s cruelty-free and doesn’t cost too much.

Colors and patterns are practical

Making the stains that appear on your furniture less noticeable is an effective asset when dealing with children and pets. Of course, hiding the stains is not an option, but keeping the faults in the room concealed until you have time to clean them is very helpful when dealing with such a surrounding and a busy schedule.

Dark and patterned materials serve this purpose excellently as they soften the view of the dropped food, peat treats and whatever else may find itself on the furniture. Keep your child’s age, pet’s manners and the overall fashion of the interior in mind when choosing furniture.

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Even though tweed is tempting, as it easily conceal most your problems, but don’t be fooled – the cleaning process is exhausting as hair gets crammed in there often. Carefully examine the couch material when buying it. Use your fingernail or a pen tip to acknowledge the looseness of the fibers. Child friendly furniture should not be furniture that is easily pulled and ruined.

Careful when choosing decor

Think efficiency. The décor you plan on using should be easy to clean, so make sure your bedding, pillow covers and blankets are machine-washable, because if they’re not, the whole cleaning procedure could be draining and time-wasting. Finding materials that are stain-proof is effortless as they are very common, but choosing the right one is also deducing which can resist wear and tear better. Examine what stains harm your furniture.

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Velvet, velour and linen are porous and so practical, as opposed to micro-fiber, woven tweed and slipcovers consisting of durable cotton or khaki. A good way to protect your furniture is using spray-on chemicals that will fight off stains and hairs, but even though they are effective, they’re not long-term.

Rounded furniture for an edgeless surrounding

It is proven that 80% of fall-related injuries amongst children younger than 4 actually happen in their home. Falling is common, but furniture tends to get in the way. Easing your child’s fall could be achieved with choosing a round table instead of square one; four fewer corners to worry about!

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You can also do this with all your furniture – it minimizes the risk of your child getting seriously hurt. A good alternate to this are rubber corner cushions which don’t damage or change your furniture too much when applied. They’re a cheap and practical quick-fix.

Carpeting options

You should know that your rugs will frequently be made a mess, so it’s a good move to select machine-washable or simply replaceable ones. Area rugs are good, even if you have carpeting, Hardwood or tile flooring is ideal for area rugs, especially on the places where your pet lounges. Carpets take in all the bad smells and droppings and that smell easily expands throughout the house. Putting an area rug over your carpet is better, because you can replace them when the smells become too much.
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Get rid of the junk

Clutter comes in many forms and sizes – yes, it involves collections, garage-sale finds and all the other knickknacks and whatnots that are lying around your living room. It is true that these small details give one room a unique and personal vibe, but when the treasures get excessive, cleaning up and cutting back would be the right things to do.

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Hard surface floors

Easy to mop or vacuum, hardwood floors are clean, tidy and warm, but keep in mind that a large dog could scratch them. Even though bare floors are the perfect pet friendly furniture, they can also be decorated by painting them. You can paint concrete, terrazzo, and brick. With the right dose of creativity and organization, the results could be stunning.

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Ceramic tile floors are stain-resistant and comfortable for animals as it is toenail-proof and also has a very elegant look. It keeps a cool vibe during the summer and could be a nice place for your pets to relax.

Natural stones like marble are porous materials and they’re not fully protected from pets, as the acids in their spit could leave a stain on them, no matter how secure they seem.

Designate an area that is just for them

Even though it’s relatively hard to keep your child and pet in one place for an extended amount of time, this concept nurtures the idea of their own kid friendly furniture that might even be more attractive than the adult’s. An interesting detail is the bed for the pet, which is recently its own form of designer furniture, along with sofas and chair.

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Recliners also find themselves in the stores filled with furniture meant for children, as do cute little table and chair sets which are way more fun for them than the grown-up chairs you use. Giving your pet a spot of their own with a comfortable pet bed which you will combine with the rest of the interior design, will help your pet feel secure and warm along with the rest of the family.

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Be careful if you choose to put the pet bed in the bedroom, for your pet might eventually climb onto your bed to be closer to you. For cats, cat scratching posts with a little catnip will distract them from scratching your furniture. Pet furniture is meant to make your pets relax, rewind and feel their home as you do.