Choosing the right appliances for your kitchen is a matter of pride for many would-be chefs, and we’re here to highlight some of the best kitchen appliances you can own. Because when you have the right tools for the job, cooking becomes so much more efficient. It’s a bit like trying to cut thick steaks with a cheap, flimsy supermarket knife. Owning quality kitchen appliances will make your life easier, and in most cases, your food will probably come out better. Unless you’re just a terrible cook, in which case, YouTube is probably your friend.

So without further ado, let’s look at choosing the right appliances for your kitchen, with some recommendations for useful purchases. If you’d like to browse a great selection of quality kitchen appliances, you can click for more info here.

Smart crock pots

Crock pots (slow cookers) are an incredible cooking appliance for making truly succulent, juicy roasts, stews, and other appetizing meals. But it’s 2019, people have long work hours, and accurately timing the slow cooker to be ready for when you get home from work is simply a headache.

What if I told you there are slow cookers with WiFi technology, that you can turn on and off from your smartphone? Boom. Your mind is now blown. Slow cookers with smart technology are a real thing, they are a life changer, and you need one.

Toaster oven

Okay, so most probably everyone has a toaster oven, but do you know how to choose the right one? They’re not something you preheat and slide a tray of cookies into. How do you know your toaster oven model will evenly distribute heat, providing the best baking experience possible? How do you know you’re getting an accurate temperature reading, especially when using the old toaster oven models with manual temperature dials?

Modern toaster ovens come equipped with digital temperature displays, barcode scanners, and other features you probably don’t need, but if you can afford it, sure why not? But even if you’re prepared to drop $1,000 on a high-tech toaster oven, do your research. The hottest (no pun intended) toaster brands of 2019 are Breville, Panasonic, Hamilton Beach, and Black+Decker.

Rice cookers

In the west, it’s not uncommon to see people cooking rice in a stovetop pot, or perhaps a slow cooker if they’re “fancy”. And yet in Asia, automatic rice cookers are a literal household staple – they’re onto something. A rice cooker guarantees perfect rice every time, and even the most basic rice cookers will have automatic temperature sensors that turn off the unit when it reaches the correct temperature for cooking rice.

I mean, what else can we say? Rice cookers have a single job – cooking rice – and they do it correctly. Just buy one, okay?

Cast iron pan

Cast iron was once the most popular material for cookware available, and then people came along with crazy ideas like aluminum and teflon non-stick pans. A crazy thought, considering Teflon non-stick pans have been proven to release harmful chemicals into the air.

Cast iron cookware distributes heat more evenly, will last you a lifetime, and can easily be maintained for non-stick properties with regular seasoning and care.

Food dehydrator machine

Food dehydration is an excellent method of preserving your leftover food, as well as making your own tasty snacks like beef jerky and dried fruit bits. Once you make your own beef jerky, you’ll seriously wonder why you ever spent exorbitant amounts for processed beef jerky in gas stations ever again. They are seriously worth it for that fact alone.

When choosing a food dehydrator, there are several things to look for. You should opt for one that has stacking trays for additional capacity, shelves that allow you to check for doneness, an even airflow system, and an adjustable thermostat for maintaining proper temperatures.