Carpet is one of the inexpensive flooring choices, usually costing less than hardwood or natural stone. Although the carpet cost may be cheaper per square foot than a variety of bare floor alternatives, prices rapidly sum up, and the notion ‘you get what you’re paying for’ is somewhat accurate.

In this regard, there are many ways to reduce the cost while still receiving a carpet that meets your needs and expectations. See the suggestions below for selecting a quality carpet for your home. Do note that the following costs don’t represent the cost of installing your carpet because it varies on the quality.

Know The Kinds of Carpet Fibers

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Carpets are made similarly to how buttons are sewed onto shirts: by looping the fiber strands through the backing fabric. After that, the fiber loops may be left intact or cut at various angles and lengths. The carpet pile is a term that relates to the manner in which the fiber loops are handled.

There are many carpet fibers available, but the most common are nylon, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, and wool. Consider the following typical carpet fibers:

  1. Wool

Wool carpet is made from short lengths of sheep wool. While wool is a more upscale material, it’s not that delicate. Its resilience is rated good to excellent, too. When properly maintained, it can withstand decades of use. One feature that contributes to its inherent longevity is its resistance to crushing.

  1. Nylon

Nylon is a solid piece of cloth. As such, it efficiently resists abrasion. In addition, it’s extremely durable and has great texture retention, which allows its original look to be maintained. It’s generally cheaper than wool, but more costly than other synthetics. When properly maintained, these tapestries may endure twelve to fifteen years, making them the most lasting.

  1. Polyester

As a carpet fabric, polyester offers many benefits. Inherently, polyester carpets are stain-resistant. In this respect, they certainly exceed both nylon and wool. Polyester carpet is also extremely soft and considerably cheaper than nylon or wool.

  1. Polypropylene

This type of fabric is often used in business and residential environments. It’s almost like soft nylon, too. Polypropylene fibers, often referred to as olefines, are comparable to natural wool and broadly described as replacements for synthetic wool.

  1. Acrylic

Acrylic is a man-made fiber that’s similar to wool but considerably less expensive. Acrylic carpets are manufactured in factories and cheaper alternative to wool carpets. It’s not nearly as durable as wool carpet and it tends to wear out considerably more quickly than most other types of carpet. Acrylic strands degrade with time, eventually making the carpet fuzzy.

While nylon is the strongest synthetic fabric used in carpet manufacture, this makes nylon an obvious choice when looking for a good deal if you’re on a budget.

Another option is polypropylene. Apart from being a cost-effective carpet material, polypropylene is ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage. On the other hand, polyester carpets have the appearance and feel of an expensive, high-quality rug, yet they’re more inexpensive.

The Costs Of Carpets Based On Durability

The cost of the carpet also relies on the amount of foot traffic and the intended lifespan of your new carpet. Thus, also consider durability aside from lovely carpet designs for interior looks. If you have a high foot traffic area, especially if you have plenty of family members, you must choose a better quality of the carpet.

Carpets of higher classes are manufactured with superior materials and are intended to withstand greater wear and tear. However, the more durable the carpet, the more it will cost you.

Additional Padding Costs More 

Padding is an additional layer under the carpet that gives additional cushioning and serves as a sound absorber. Certain kinds of padding are suggested for use in specific locations or with particular types of carpets. The least costly type of foam is urethane, which is ideal for areas with less foot traffic.

Meanwhile, waffle rubber padding is a unique option when a low carpet clearance is required. In comparison, fiber cushion padding is made from a mix of natural fibers and is an environmentally friendly alternative. Lastly, flat rubber padding is utilized in very high-traffic areas. It’s the most durable kind of carpet cushioning available and more costly than other padding types.


When choosing the right carpet for your home, whether you’re remodeling your house or just changing a few things, a new carpet may alter your beautiful residence’s look. Generally speaking, choosing the right carpet based on your tastes and budget requires critical decision-making. Hopefully, this article has taught you how to make a smart choice worth your investment.

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