Storage units help keep your home free of clutter, or provide you with a place to stock goods for businesses. Nonetheless, choosing the right storage unit will help you in numerous ways. But, you must select the right storage facility for your specific needs.

Here are four tips to help you pick the right storage unit:

Choose Facilities With Premium Security

 The last thing you’d want is to return to your chosen storage unit only to find out that every item in there is gone. Choose storage facilities monitored and patrolled out of hours to ensure no one attempts to steal your valuable belongings.

Moreover, the facility should have top-of-the-line security features to safeguard your assets. Search for a storage unit with:

  • 24-hour CCTV camera surveillance
  • Sufficient indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Working alarms and locks for each door
  • Passcode-protected gates
  • K9 units to deter trespassers

Achieve and maintain peace of mind when your preferred storage unit has these security features. Don’t settle for low-quality security measures, as you’ll put the safety of your items at unwanted risk.

No Pesky Critters

Pests like cockroaches, rats, and termites can lay waste to the items you place inside storage units. Thus, the storage facility of your choice should have pest control measures in place.

The establishment should also engage the services of a pest control professional who visits frequently. It’s crucial to prevent infestations as those pesky critters can damage your belongings. For instance, roaches can ruin household goods, and moths can feast on rugs and upholsteries.

But, if pest issues do arise, the facility should address the problem immediately. Your chosen storage unit should have a partner company to investigate, solve, and prevent pest-related concerns in the property.

Consider The Storage Size

You might be thinking about the size of the storage unit for your items at this point. Think of storage ideas that can cater to the amount of items you need to put away.

Here’s a quick guide for the different storage units available to help you with your decision:

  • Small Storage Units

Storage units with 5′ x 5′ and 5′ x 10′ dimensions are small storage facilities. These are about the size of a compact walk-in closet. Choose these units if you want to keep relatively small items, such as clothes, children’s toys, documents, and other personal items.

  • Medium Storage Units

Medium storage units come in dimensions of 7.5’ x 10’ or 10’ x 10’. The slightly larger measurements mean you can place bigger items in the facility as compared to using small storage units. Here, you can store items like sofas, chairs, and major appliances.

  • Large Storage Units

Unlike the other two storage size options, you can take advantage of large storage facilities in three sizes. These dimensions are 10′ x 15′, 10′ x 20′, and 10′ x 30′.

The 10’ x 15’ option allows you to store contents fit for a two-bedroom apartment. As for the 10’ x 20’ variant, you can store items that can fit inside a three-bedroom apartment. Last, the 10’ x 30’ option has relatively large dimensions for it to hold the contents of four- to five-bedroom homes.

Choosing a storage unit may require critical thinking to obtain value for money. Consider using a storage facility that fits the size and number of items you need to put away. You may not need to store five stacks of documents in a 10′ x 30′ unit unless you have plans in the future of keeping other items in that holding facility.

Know The Costs

Aside from the size of the storage unit, consider the costs of renting the facility to keep your items. The price of renting the space might depend on the duration of the lease and the size of the facility you choose.

Many storage facilities tend to offer monthly contracts. This agreement allows customers to use the units on a short- or long-term deal. For example, you might be moving to another city, and you only need the storage unit for one month. You can choose to use the storage facility for that period, or agree on an extension by renewing the contract if you need more time.

However, some companies that offer storage rentals may have a three-month minimum contract. Take advantage of a facility that fits your storage and budget needs.

Always keep in mind the size, type, and cost of the storage unit before agreeing to the terms for the rental of the space. Also, use a facility with the best security to ensure the safety of your items. Take time to consider your options to acquire excellent value for money once you select the storage unit of your choice.