Everyone looks around their home once in a while, wondering what they can do to improve it. And our imagination, fueled by Instagram and Pinterest, likes to run wild.

Sometimes improving your home is a lot simpler than that. You don’t need to toss it out and start all over, but simply show some love to what you’ve already got. If that sounds interesting, take a look at our tips that can help you clean your way to a new home.

Get shot of that mold

No one likes to find mold. Often when you do find it it’s a sign of being too late. And there is merit to that. Sometimes mold is a product of water damage, and you’ll have to get a professional to nosey around your house to get to the root of the problem, which is usually a leak.

Sometimes, however, damp is just a symptom of a house that isn’t ventilated enough. It’s also bad for your health, though, so it’s important to get it sorted as soon as possible. Mold and damp in the house can trigger asthma attacks, allergic reactions, and sinus infections. Click here to find mold remediation services in Brampton.

Deep clean that grey carpet back to white

Do you have far away memories of buying a white carpet, and yet when you look down you perhaps see a murky grey carpet? Or maybe just a slightly grey carpet that you can’t believe was ever white? Perhaps there is a wine stain under the TV stand, or muddy paw prints tracking under the sideboard. Maybe you don’t mind the colour of your carpet (you went for a dark colour for those very reasons), but you could have sworn there was a time where you could dig your toes into it to keep cosy, and now it feels like sandpaper.

All of these are problems that can be solved with a carpet cleaning. Rather than opting to replace your carpet, which can be a massive hassle, as well as expensive, you can get it a professional deep clean and restore it back to its original brilliance. You will have a gorgeous carpet to show off to the adults, and a clean and soft area for the little ones to play on – just not with playdoh.

Pressure wash your way to new decking

Did you move into a house with beautiful decking where you can imagine just sitting outside with a book and a bowl of strawberries? Or even a barbeque with the family? That’s great. But before you invite everyone over, you should think about getting the decking cleaned.

The elements like to work wonders on wooden decking, which absorbs rain and mud like a sponge – so much so, that we’d bet you have some form of light wood under what looks like murky mahogany under all that mud. You might be surprised what a power wash to the decking can do. It can give you a whole new style to your outdoors!

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