It is a homeowner’s dilemma of living in older homes to update their kitchen to the present day landscape. The million-dollar question that haunts them…

“Can you have a modern kitchen with present day appliances yet at the same time be consistent with the time of the house?”

Yes, you can have the best of both worlds, contemporary and retro can be merged to create a kitchen that appears vintage yet modern.

The 1950s presented bold color selections, more uses of chrome and new automatic kitchen equipment. The color craze then was red, white, and black.

You can have a kitchen makeover with a little time and effort by adding periodic pieces and styles from the era.

A two-tone color combination will give that perfect blend to make the modern day kitchen look like a blast from the past. The contrasting hues add balance and an element to an otherwise dull shading scheme. You can own a retro kitchen appliances with the features of modern technology.

Two-tone colors for the Modern Kitchen with a Twist of Retro

Kitchen design in the 1950s is characterized by fresh, eye-catching two-tone color schemes are the craze right now.

An ingenious mix of colors can convert any space from boring to exciting. Modern kitchen design is about colors and not as many as the rainbow but limited to two. Breath life into a drab cabinet with brilliant tints or make the island stand out with distinct hues.

When choosing colors, focus on how they work with one another. Pick a blend of a primary color like red, blue, yellow, and so on and neutral colors such as black, white, beige, and more, or match two contrasting or two neutral colors. Popular color mix that looks great in black and red; bold and chic; blue and white; cool and crisp; or yellow and grey; lively and fashionable.

The two-tone cabinets are very popular today they make the kitchen appear nicer. Paint the top cabinets with lighter shades and lower cabinets with darker shades this will give your kitchen a lovely, spacious, and clutter free character.

Don’t forget about home accessories and decorations that will help you make your home warmer and more comfortable. You can even mix both modern and vintage accessories in order to accentuate the chosen style.

The Appliances set the tone

The appliances set the tone for the whole kitchen. A refrigerator, dishwasher, range, or a vent hood with a vintage character brings back the good old days. When dated appliances are paired with décor, your kitchen will make you smile and your guests as well.

If you are a fan of cooking shows, you will notice some appliances and utensils hosts use are classic. The retro-looking range, fridge, and dishwasher have a shiny chrome finish just like those in the 1950s TV programs.

There are manufacturers who produce new appliances blending modern capabilities with a throwback appearance. If you want to add a period appeal to your kitchen here are some retro appliances to influence the final impression of your project.

  • Fridge
  • Microwave oven
  • Gas or electric range
  • Dishwasher
  • Espresso machine
  • Bread toaster

You might stumble on interesting old appliances in thrift and antique stores. A makeover of these artifacts will be a welcome addition to your kitchen.

Don’t forget the Details

The itsy-bitsy details will complete the retro-look.

A cabinet repair should include customized brass knobs and pulls to provide an antique charm without sacrificing quality.

The 1950s celebrated simple designs maintain this tradition with cabinets and countertops with clean lines without a lot of detail.

Baby boomers will have a kick out of retro floors in bold checkerboard patterns with a black and white or red and white color scheme.

Countertops are a must-have in a retro kitchen. The classic beauties are made of laminate materials with bent edges.

A bright island in your kitchen can completely transform it to the retro look you want. Vibrant colors will make the space a bit more fun and give a positive ambiance. Go for a retro wallpaper for a wow-factor.

Replace your backlash with wall tiles.

Recreate the rustic and old-fashioned look by installing a stainless wall-mounted range hood to make a statement.

You can capture the good old days with your retro kitchen with a modern twist by being creative. The designs are endless by seeking the expert’s advice for guidance or by researching on printed or online materials.