As products of two different generations, parents and their children might experience having different views of things. Most often than not, there is a constant goal of trying to influence one another. One of the most challenging for anyone is in convincing their parents to switch or consider a new lifestyle. This is particularly in trying to live in a more simple and minimalist home. Parents have always had the knack of keeping things and home stuff due to sentimentality and preservation. If you want to have an effective strategy in convincing your own parents, there are some clever ways on how you can do that.

Look for Models and Inspirations

One trick that can definitely work with parents is when they hear about the topic from someone they think has an authority. For example, they can easily be convinced of a lifestyle change when they see a celebrity or an icon promoting it on television or magazine. You can look for video clips, interviews, and shows of the people they look up to who promote a simple and minimalist lifestyle. They are more likely to open up to the idea if they hear it from some they look up to. Think of this as rallying people who will take your side but in a way that’s not too direct because sometimes, they do not like being told what to do. Either they do it out of trend or they get convinced by a really influential person in their life.

Lay Out a Plan

It would be difficult for parents to only hear about throwing things out especially if they are particularly sentimental about things. Tell them of the potential of turning a room into an office or an area of the house as a gym because of all the space you can save from keeping things to a minimum. Embracing this kind of lifestyle really entails making a plan as emphasized in Bin There Dump That, a residential dumpster company based in the US. This includes weighing what can be left out and what can be let go of. You should make a plan that will detail how you can turn your home into a simple and minimalist one.

apartment-architecture-chair-chairs-269252 How to Convince Your Parents to Switch to Simplicity and Minimalism

Show Them the Benefits and Advantages

You should have a deeper reason other than keeping up with a trend to convince your parents to adhere to simpler living. Show them the benefits including a reduction in energy consumption, a decrease in monthly bills, and having more room in the house. The result should outweigh the cause to get them onboard. It can also help if instead of throwing things away, you get to sell it or give them away to new owners who will keep and make good use of your stuff.

It can be challenging to introduce new concepts to parents especially if it is something totally different from what they have been used to. The trick is to give them the right reasons and purpose. After all, they can be open to these concepts if they fully understand what it means and they see the benefits of the following suit.