Gardens and outdoor spaces are the perfect place to relax during a hot day, watch the sunset in the evening or perhaps take part in a spot of gardening. Whilst they are a privilege to have, these spaces take their fair share of upkeep in order to keep them presentable.

It doesn’t take a lot for a well-maintained outdoor space to suddenly seem busy or cluttered and that can ruin the feelgood vibe. In fact, with the added factors such as plants and wildlife, outdoor spaces can be some of the hardest areas of the home to get under control.

But don’t be dis-heartened, with a little direction and elbow grease, even the most dishevelled looking outdoor area can be transformed into a neat and tidy relaxation spot. Here are a few tips on how to remove the appearance of outdoor clutter.

Invest in a shed or storage building

The garden shed is a staple in the outdoor environment for many people, and it’s not hard to see why! It’s the perfect place to house gardening equipment and paraphernalia that has been deemed too messy to store indoors.

They also make a great storage area for quickly and simply storing items that have been left laying around the garden after a full day’s use. After all, why bother placing them back inside the house if they are just going to be brought back out to the garden again?

Keep that lawn cut!

Nothing makes a garden seem untidier than an unkempt lawn. Whilst this can be a bit of a task at times, especially for those with larger lawns, if you want to invoke the image of a clutter free garden, then there is no quicker fix than retrieving the lawn mower and getting the grass looking its best.

Hide any garbage or recycling cans from plain sight

We all have garbage cans, of course we do, but that doesn’t mean we have to look at them all the time. Simply by obscuring the view of your garbage cans by using plants or clever positioning will make your outdoor area a lot more aesthetically pleasing. That’s especially important when you have limited space to play with.

Just make sure that by obscuring them you’re not making them more difficult to access! We want to keep things less cluttered but not by making our lives harder at the same time.

Organize any firewood or coal supplies neatly       

Whether it’s from a chimenea or the occasional campfire, having people sitting and enjoying themselves outside by the fire is a great vibe, and one of the best things about summer nights.

These fires need fuel, and by simply stacking firewood or coal neatly fireside can make this a feature of the area rather than an unsightly pile of burning material. It’s also a far safer way of doing things and helps in a practical sense too!

Being able to see clearly how much resource you have left will also help you decide on when it’s time to replenish those supplies.