Working conditions have dramatically changed in the past several decades. The advent of digital technologies and the internet had created entirely new industries. As a result, we’ve moved indoors, largely swapping industrial work for office work.

Such a change has brought on a whole set of unique problems. One of them is back pain caused by prolonged sitting. Here’s all you need to know about this type of back pain and how to counter it.

What Causes Back Pain When you Sit for Prolonged Periods of Time?

Sitting is something everyone does every single day. That being said, sitting isn’t healthy — especially when you do it for long periods of time. The risks involved range from circulation issues and cardiovascular issues, to back pain issues and more.

Back pain related to sitting is caused by your body being forced into what is essentially an unnatural position. The fact that most people slouch when they sit is also a major factor. Sitting down using bad form leads to your back muscles being put under strain.

Your spinal ligaments are pushed hard as well, often causing them to overstretch. Of course, your spine is also under tension. In fact, prolonged periods of sitting without exercising good form can do serious damage to your spinal structure.

The same applies to sitting in bed. You should try using a backrest pillow with arms or similar aids in order to give your back some relief. In fact, sitting in bed is often much more strenuous for your back than sitting in a chair.

What Affects Sitting Ergonomics?

Solving the issue of back pain caused by sitting is a multifaceted problem. First thing first, you’ll need to sort out your chair and your desk.


Your choice of a chair can greatly affect how much discomfort you experience while you’re sitting. Modern office chairs are created with ergonomics in mind. You’ll want to find a chair that allows you to set up your sitting height as well as the angle of the backrest at the very least.

More advanced office chairs allow you to set up your headrest, your armrests as well as lumbar support. Investing in a good chair is a must if your work requires you to sit for prolonged periods of time.


The desk you’re working with is also a factor that can affect whether or not you’ll experience any discomfort. More specifically, it’s the height of the desk that matters the most. In an ideal world, you’d want to get a desk that allows you to adjust the height of the desktop.

The idea is to have your forearms resting comfortably on the desk, without placing any strain on your shoulders. That usually means having the desktop height set so that your forearms are resting perpendicular with it when you type.

Treating Back Pain Issues

sit2 How to Deal With Back Pain Caused by Prolonged Sitting

Although an ergonomic chair and a good desk help to prevent any further problems, they may not be enough to eliminate your current back pain. Fortunately, there are things you can do to solve this.

Watch Your Posture

The first logical thing is to watch your posture. Pay attention not to slouch and make sure that your body is as comfortable as possible while you’re sitting down. We strongly suggest that you do your due diligence and set up your chair as well as your desk correctly.

Take Frequent Breaks from Sitting

Another great way of dealing with back pain issues is by taking frequent breaks from sitting. Stand up every hour or so and walk around. If you’re in an office environment, take a stroll to the water cooler. The idea is to give your back muscles some relief and to get that circulation going.


Working out is a great way of preventing and treating any back pain issues. By working out, you’re strengthening your core muscles and your back muscles, thus making them more resistant to the stresses caused by sitting. Working on your core will also improve your posture.

Don’t Sit at All

Standing desks have become a popular choice for many professionals whose work is tied to sitting. A standing desk allows you to get your job done without having to sit, or at least without having to sit for prolonged periods of time.

If you’re experiencing back pain issues, it’s imperative that you get yourself checked out by your physician. Although most back pain issues are related to long periods of sitting, you’ll want to be sure. Don’t ignore the pain as it won’t go away on its own.

Use a Back Massager

A quick back pain relief alternative, a cordless back massager is everything you need to get rid of this back pain issue. It’s quick, simple and effective. All you have to do is to get a massager and massage your pain areas. A massage gun like Exogun DreamPro would be great to be used as a cordless back massager. One of the most significant advantages Exogun offers is that it has four types of heads to cater the different massaging requirements.

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