Do you need some helpful tips on how to decorate a small bedroom? We have simple tricks to share with you. Tiny spaces can be so tricky to decorate, as you don’t want to end up with a cluttered look. But on the other hand, you want to bring a dose of style and personality in the space. It is all about picking the right features and mixing aesthetics and functionality. The following tips will help you do it properly!

Patterned wallpaper

How to add a decorative touch that won’t take any of your precious space? Professionals would advise you to use patterned wallpaper. It will add a dose of visual interest and help you bring personality into the bedroom. On the other hand, this is an affordable option that you can DIY. there are so many different designs available, and you can pick according to to the bedroom style.

Get a proper bed

Be very careful when you pick the right bed. You don’t want to end up with a really large bed that will overwhelm the whole room. Avoid the queen size, as it will take lots of space.

Small size double wood beds are a great option for small bedrooms. The wood will add a dose of warmth and contribute to a natural look.

Floating shelves

The crucial thing about small spaces is to use every inch in the best possible way. Many homeowners like to use vertical space by installing floating shelves. Everyone would agree that they would need some extra storage space here and there.

Large mirror

Professionals always use mirrors to make the space visually bigger. Take advantage of this little trick and implement it in your bedroom. It will make the space feel more open and airy. On the other hand, it is here for functionality as well. You can check your look before leaving your home.

Gallery wall

Creating a statement wall is a nice option for you. It won’t take any of your space, but you will still get to introduce some personality. You can frame some of your personal photos and combine them with other prints. You can find lots of free printables on the internet, so this is a good way to start. Get some simple frames that fit the style of the room and start creating your gallery wall.

Small vanity

Do you dream of having your own vanity? Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean that you should give up the idea. A small and compact vanity will be so functional and cute. All you need to do is install a small shelf, add a mirror above it, and get a chair that doesn’t take much space.

Eye-catchy bedding

The right bedding set will make your bedroom look really stylish. Pick an interesting design and feel free to add a pop of color. You are allowed to decorate your bed with cozy throw pillows too. Play with different textures to add dimension.