If you have kids, you should buy a busy board for playroom. You can do it as soon as your baby is born or even before it happens. The target audience of such toys is preschool children. To get started, you might opt for a small board for toddlers. When your little ones grow a bit older, purchase them a larger Busy Board that contains more complicated items.

What Is Busy Board

The alternative names for this type of educational toy are a Montessori board, sensory panel or sensory wall. It enables children to develop their fine motor skills, coordinating the interaction between their brain and fingers. The skills of buttoning up a shirt, eating with a fork or writing letters with a pen all belong to fine motor skills.

Diverse small items are attached to the sensory board: shoelaces, zip lockers, latches, electrical appliances plugs (without electricity, of course!), security locks, pieces of cloth and so forth. By playing with these items, kids get to know how to call and use them. They learn to categorize objects and verbalize their thoughts. Boys and girls who have such toys grow up being more confident, proactive and better-developed at both the physical and intellectual levels.

How to Decorate Kids Room Walls with Sensory Walls

Typically, a sensory panel can be flat or cube-shaped. The latter ones are normally small and portable. You can take them with you on trips, so that they entertain your children in a car, on a train, on the beach or in your countryside house. To decorate the room, you should purchase a flat panel.

Flat busy boards are available in different sizes. They might consist of one or several panels. You can attach them to the wall of the room or to furniture items. These toys are colorful and beautiful. They fit rooms of any style and decor. Feel free to choose a panel that matches the color scheme of your home’s interior!

Is It Better to Make or Buy a Busy Board?

Some parents might prefer to make a DIY busy board rather than purchase it. This decision makes sense if you are good at crafts and have enough experience. Also, you need to understand the peculiarities of the child’s perception of the world. Plus, you should have enough items at your disposal to attach to the panel.

It might be wiser to buy a busy board for the following reasons.

  • It takes less time and effort.
  • If the manufacturer is reliable enough, you can be sure that the toy will be durable, long-lasting and safe for the kid.
  • Professional toy-makers might be better at decorating their products than you.
  • They have a large experience and will avoid the mistakes that you might сommit.

Professional manufacturers know how to select the most appropriate items for the sensory wall. One cannot simply take all the small objects that they have in their storeroom and randomly attach them to the board. One should figure out what is the ideal distance between the objects and how they need to be arranged to encourage open-end play.

Open-end play is a game that can go on forever. There are no goals that the players need to achieve. The only thing they need to do is to have fun and exercise their creativity.

This is why most parents opt for buying a sensory wall and not making it at home. Besides, children might be more enthusiastic about things that were bought at a shop rather than created as DIY items. The former seem “cooler”, “trendier” and more advanced to them.

The Reasons for Buying Busy Boards in the BumbleBee Smart store

BumbleBee Smart is a well-known brand in the sphere of educational toys. It was created by a family who have two daughters, so the manufacturer perfectly understands what the little ones like and need.

They produce this wooden decoration for kids room from high-quality birch plywood. The background for some panels remains unpainted and preserves the natural color of plywood. Others are decorated with water-based paints and varnishes that are 100% eco-friendly and do not provoke allergies. All the items are securely attached to the panel so that children cannot tear them off by accident. The toys are exceptionally safe and highly entertaining.

If you have questions, the team of the shop will be glad to consult you.

BumbleBee Smart ships its goods all over the world. The prices in this online shop are always affordable. After you purchase an activity board for toddlers on this site, it will serve you for many years.

Besides, the BumbleBee Smart catalog contains different types of climbing furniture, such as Pikler arches, triangles, cubes and so forth. Such items enable children to hone their gross motor skills — so they complement sensory boards perfectly.

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