Stylish interior design can be hardly imagined with bare walls, as such a style is boring and your apartment will not stand out among the array of similar ones. Even if you haven’t studied design or don’t have an artist’s talent, you still can give a special highlight to your dwelling using different decoration options.

Simple wall decoration

Photo wallpaper is the simplest and most obvious wall decoration option that does not require much time. You will surely find the most suitable pattern from among the following ones:

  1. Background wallpaper – with an abstract pattern.
  2. Panoramic wallpaper – a natural landscape, a view from the window or scenes of a metropolis.
  3. Object wallpaper- depiction of a single object; this can be an animal or a symbol.
  4. Realistic wallpaper – in this case, we are talking about 3D photo wallpapers. 3D format allows reproducing all the nuances and features of the picture to the finest detail.

Another pretty simple way to decorate the premise is hanging photos in frames in it. You only need to buy photo frames of preferred color and size, prepare your photos, and get down to the creative process. Hung photo frames forming a tree look very beautiful.

How to decorate a room wall using a stencil

It will take you very little time and effort to create a lovely picture, if you use stencils. You will need the following tools for work:

  • stencils on a vinyl film;
  • scissors;
  • knife;
  • paint;
  • sponge or brush (unless you use a spray paint);
  • stencil glue;
  • finishing plaster.

Stencils on a vinyl film can be purchased in the DYI shop. If you are looking for something special you can order customized stencils or try make them yourself.

Before you start, think over everything carefully and imagine the final result you want to get. You can also draw a sketch of your future picture. Before transferring the drawing to the wall surface, you can try make an impress on a piece of old wallpaper to check whether you like the result or not.

Use glue or masking tape to fix the stencil on the wall. Take a little paint on the brush or sponge and paint all the image elements evenly. When spraying the paint, make sure it does not go beyond the stencil.

Finishing plaster will be useful if you want to get a three-dimensional pattern. In this case, you should fill the stencil with the basis of thick material with it. Pull the film carefully after a while and paint the image with acrylic paints.