There is no denying that shag rugs are a great way to add color and dimension to any space, whether your bedroom or living room.

They are, without a doubt, a cure for hard flooring and hold power to unite beautiful elements in any room. Shag rugs add texture and also an incredible pattern to your room’s interior.

These are some of the reasons why shag rugs are all the rage. They are a must-have for elegant decor. Providing a perfect counterbalance to a room, shag rugs look simple yet classy, no matter where you place them.

How to Design Rooms with Shag Rugs?

These bold and beautiful shag rugs serve a plethora of wonderful purposes. Not only do they provide warmth and comfort under your feet, but also create an excellent layer of design, while pulling an amazing look together. Decorating rooms with shag rugs is an easy way to make them look spacious.

Shag rugs come in a variety of materials, including bamboo, nylon, wool, and cotton. You can even buy leather shag rugs to give your dwelling a natural feel.

Try shag rugs with the following interior looks;

Wooden Walls

Shag rugs make for a perfect combination with wooden walls. The deep pile of a shag rug with a wooden wall can make any room feel cozy and warm. Whether the wall is in your kid’s playroom or your bedroom, pairing it with a textured, fibrous rug will give a shaggy appearance. The wonderful feel and touch of a shag rug complements a deep dark wooden wall.

Shag Rugs with Wooden Floors

Just like wooden walls, shag rugs with wooden floors look spectacular, especially if you contrast them with colorful furniture. Vibrant pillows and printed curtains, along with shag rugs, enhance the overall look of a room. This pairing looks nice in bedrooms to give a lively feel.

Shag Rugs in Contemporary Spaces

This is without a doubt one of the best placements for shag rugs. This thick, fluffy textured rug is ideal for contemporary cold spaces to add warmth and pleasant vibe in the environment. Place the rug near the fireplace and your comfy couch to make the room look more inviting and casual.

Patterned Shag Rug in a Bedroom

When it comes to choosing rugs for your bedroom, you can never go wrong with shag rugs. The rugs add a classic look to your bedroom, and most importantly, offer a cozy feel. Patterned versions of shag rugs work great to keep the whole look retro. Go with zigzag designs or leopard prints diversity with casual designs.

Colored Shag Rugs in Dining Rooms or Library

Give your dining room a little character by decorating it with a patterned colorful shag rug. Matching rich and dark colors with a plain, simple backdrop will create a unique effect. You can choose a similar combination for your library (if you have one) to add colors and bold tone in a neutral environment.

The quality to complement every space makes shag rugs different types of carpets. However, shag rugs require deep cleaning. Lack of proper cleaning affects their bouncy texture and also their softness. In other words, to retain the softness and fibrous look of a shag rug, proper cleaning is the first step.

How to Keep a Shag Rug Clean?

Although getting your shag rug cleaned professionally is an ideal way to maintain its soft look and texture, you may not consider this option affordable.

You can try these tips to clean shag rugs at home:

  • Vacuum your shag rug by adjusting the setting at a high level. Make sure you vacuum both sides of the rug to remove dust entirely. You may want to look into buying a vacuum cleaner specialized for shag or high-pile carpets. They tend to have high-set wheels, and concentrated sealed suction, making them great to use with high-pile carpets.
  • Do not give stains a chance to absorb and ruin the look of your textured rug. Spot clean as soon as you can if the rug encounters a dirty accident
  • Shampoo your shag rug with hot water to lift stains immediately

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, decorating your home becomes extremely easy when you know how to choose shag rugs for different areas of your home. They go well with almost all kinds of interior, adding warmth, class, color, and amazing effect. However, make sure you follow a proper cleaning process to keep your shag rugs in good condition. Otherwise, these rugs tend to lose their sheen and appearance, and you will not be able to derive maximum value from your purchase.