One of the best ways to make your rental property stand out is by investing in great interior decor. This is especially important when using a short term rental software to list your property and make reservations. You need to upload pictures on your rental channel to attract guests. In this case, your decor can decide whether a potential customer will proceed to book or scan for other rentals.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when decorating your rental property:

Know Your Guests 

An essential tip to note before decorating is to know your target audience and their personal taste. Your target audience will determine the personality your rental apartment should take and it’s best to decorate for them, not for yourself. For instance, how you decorate for a couple with kids will differ from how you decorate for a businessman. You can use a channel manager for vacation rentals to know your target audience by checking those who place most bookings.

Know How Much You Want To Spend 

It’s essential to budget for your rental décor before proceeding. The last thing you want is to spend on pricey decor that affects your rental earnings. A good idea is to use a vacation rental income calculator to calculate your earnings to ensure you don’t go over budget.

Remember to Decorate The Outdoor Space

The exterior of your vacation rental is also an essential element in attracting guests. One mistake rental owners make is focusing on the interior while ignoring the outdoors. You should consider how your potential guests will use the outdoor space and adjust accordingly. For example, you can consider setting up chaise lounges if you have a pool.

Invest in Quality Furniture 

Furniture takes up a lot of space in the house and can determine what the room will look like. One of the best ways to elevate your vacation rental property is by investing in quality and beautiful furniture. Also, ensure you invest in furniture that is easy to maintain and stand the wear and tear of different guests.

Use Arts and Souvenirs on Walls

Light up the walls by displaying unique artworks and souvenirs. Canva, photographs, and art pieces go a long way to make your property look great.

Include a Lot of Lights

Lights are great for decoration and are also useful for the guests. Your guests will want to read through their itineraries, have a late shower or grab something in the kitchen. Ensure you have enough light fixtures to light up every room, especially the bedroom, living room, and kitchen.

Add Lots of Pillows

You want your rental property to look cozy, and a great way to do that is by adding pillows, comforters, and blankets. Meanwhile, you should ensure you don’t clutter the whole house with the pillows. Just ensure you have soft pillows and fabrics on the couches, chairs, and bed.

Keep it Simple 

Sometimes, less is more with home decor. You want to wow your guests, but you don’t want to do it by overdoing your decor. There should be a balance: don’t overwhelm your guests with your decor, and don’t underwhelm either. You shouldn’t leave the walls blank, but you shouldn’t overfill them with artworks that you can no longer see the wall. Also, use flowers, vases, and rugs minimally.

Decorating your rental house is important if you want to attract guests and increase your property’s resale value. It doesn’t have to be expensive to decorate, just a few changes like hanging wall paintings and adding throw pillows can improve the look of your rental property.

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