A great shower design will significantly enhance your shower experience. The basic features of a shower are quite simple. However, several things go into designing a convenient, comfortable, and cool-looking shower.

There is more than one way to construct a shower. However, ending up with the perfect shower entails making several choices.

Figure Out The Size And Location

Your shower needs to be as sizable as you’re comfortable with. That should go hand in hand with its location. Consider whether it’s going to be a separate shower cabin or part of a large bathroom. In the latter case, you need to take into account the other elements in the bathroom before deciding on the size.

If the bathroom doesn’t allow you much shower space, you may consider resizing the bathroom to fit your preferred shower dimensions or reducing the size of the bathroom elements. Alternatively, you can check whether it’s possible to move the shower to a whole different room altogether.

Once you settle on the size and location of your new shower, don’t hesitate to mark its dimensions, go in, and move around to check if the size is convenient; a shower has to be designed for comfort and mobility.

Go For The Right Enclosure

One of the most important aspects of your shower design is how you access it. With many different types of Maryland shower enclosuresto choose from, picking the right one requires some thought. Your shower enclosure needs to be something practical and good to look at.

For instance, glass enclosures are one of the most appealing options in modern bathrooms. It can be very attractive, allows you to highlight your shower tile design, and makes the shower and bathroom feel a lot larger. The glass door may or may not be transparent, depending on your preference.

You can then choose whether to opt for a sliding or a hinged door. The former is convenient and takes no additional space at all, but the latter is also viable, particularly if bathroom space isn’t an issue.

Instead of a glass door, you can set up a curtain if you’re interested in a cheaper alternative. Make sure the curtain is waterproof and goes well with the shower tile design of your choice. Alternatively, you can go for no door at all. Many modern showers don’t have enclosures. However, this often requires the shower area to be sizable enough and the shower elements to be placed conveniently.

Choose The Shower And Fixtures

Naturally, you’ll want to take enough time to consider your shower head options and the controls that go with them. After all, these are the central elements of your shower. Some shower types are trickier to install than others and may require a little extra plumbing. It’s a good idea to discuss your options with a professional.

Shower heads can be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted. While a ceiling-mounted is pretty attractive, it is usually more expensive and may not be as versatile as a hand-held shower head. Either way, make sure you go for a good model with convenient water pressure.

As for the shower fixtures, these should be placed outside the shower area; you don’t want to get freezing wet before you know what hit you. Ideally, the controls need to be by the shower entrance and easy to reach. Consider placing them on the opposite wall to that of the shower head.

s2-3 How To Design A Great Shower That You Will Enjoy

Faced with the task of designing a great shower, you’ll have plenty of paths before you. There are several important factors to consider before making a decision. High functionality, comfort, and charm are three central aspects of any modern shower. Still, putting enough time and effort into constructing the perfect shower is very worthwhile.

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