Do you find your bedroom dull?  One of the primary purposes of bedrooms is to give you a good night’s rest. But, you might want to enhance that feeling of comfort by providing the space with a luxurious touch. Investing in an expensive designer ottoman or a pricey, branded dresser might not be an ideal solution at the moment, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Still, there are ways to turn your bedroom into a luxurious resting place while staying true to your spending allowance. These are the following:


Think About The Bed

Many homeowners think that a bedroom isn’t complete without a bed. Therefore, start your luxury bedroom makeover with that piece of furniture.

Change the beddings, alter the bed frame, or replace the mattress–these are a few of the many techniques you can implement to give your bed a luxurious touch. But, make sure that you’re still thinking about your health when changing the mattress.

Some mattresses are better than others in providing comfort and support to alleviate particular health concerns. For example, choose a bed that offers an even and thorough support for joint pain.

Take the time to search around local and online shops for a mattress or two that fit your specific needs. Don’t forget to take into account the look of the bed, and make sure to consider your current budget.

Overfill Your Pillows

Have you ever slept in a hotel room and thought, “Wow, these pillows are really fluffy!”  Plump, overfilled pillows tend to be the industry standard for lavish hotels. These pillows may look the same as those in your home, but your head will sink more into the material.

Recreate that experience at home without spending a significant amount of cash on a lavish hotel suite by buying extra inserts to make your pillows extra fluffy. But, remember to put the pillows’ size into account. For instance, if you have 18-inch square pillows, consider using 20-inch inserts.

You may even consider adding more pillows on your bed for that extra comfort. But, don’t go overboard to the point where you might not see your bed anymore.

Remove Clutter

Some bedroom designing tips are so inexpensive that they won’t cost you a cent. One case on point is decluttering your bedroom.

It’s easy to get carried away and just pile your clothes in one corner of the room after an arduous day at work. Before you know it, that clothing pile is already out of control. Also, take a look at your bedroom floor. Do you have to hop, skip, or jump to navigate the area?  If so, then, it’s time to remove all the junk from the resting space.

Perhaps, you already have a luxurious looking room, but junk fills the area, making the space look uncomfortable. Start removing garbage from the room by organizing everything. Put the items into two piles: one pile to throw and the other to keep.

Make sure to keep the essentials, such as memorable pictures you find in the trash pile. Moreover, junk in the bedroom doesn’t only mean used paper towels or ripped documents. Clutter can also be in the form of screens.

Smartphones, TVs, and computers can make your sleeping experiences less comfortable than usual. Staring at screens before sleeping can cause issues, which reduce the quality of your sleep. So, do yourself a favor and increase your luxurious bedroom experience by removing all monitors from the area.

Upgrade Your Mirror

You may have a tiny desk mirror to help you with your nightly skincare routine. Consider upgrading that small piece of furniture into a larger mirror to make the space look more expansive than it actually is.

Mirrors create the illusion of making spaces look larger than usual. But, small mirrors won’t create this trick. Purchase a half- or full-length mirror, and place that decoration in a strategic area. For example, set the mirror in the corner of the room to see a significant view of the area.

Search for mirrors in garage or yard sales to save a few bucks. Otherwise, you may try searching online in different social media groups. You might buy a secondhand mirror with some damages, but these dings and dents should be relatively easy to fix to make that piece of décor look like it’s brand new.

Finishing Touches

In conclusion, you don’t need to break the bank to turn your bedroom into a luxurious resting place. Change the mattress, overstuff your pillows, or upgrade the mirror–think about these choices for your next bedroom remodeling project. Once finished, you should find yourself sleeping like a baby in a room that feels like a hotel.