There is nothing more devastating than seeing your property on fire and being completely helpless as you watch it burn down in flames. However, you must get your act together to support your family emotionally and financially. Depending on the degree of damage caused by the fire, you can get your property restored in no time. All you need to do is devise an effective plan and get in touch with a few professionals such as your insurance company and a fire restoration service.

Follow these steps to effectively restore your property damaged by smoke.

1.  Inspect and Analyze the Damage

The first thing you should do is inspect the property and analyze the level of damage caused by the fire. Before that, check whether it’s safe to enter by analyzing the structural condition from the outside. Do not open the door unless it seems extremely safe. Make sure that the fire is completely out as it can lead to dangerous repercussions. Do not step into the property until your remediation professional gives a safety check confirmation. Take their help to inspect the property and note the degree of damage. Note the spots that need restoration from scratch and the ones that are left unharmed. At the same time, contact your insurance company.

2.  Remove the Remaining Debris

Debris and soot are likely to build and accumulate after the fire dies down. Failing to remove them can further damage the place and your belongings. Moreover, it can get more difficult to remove as time passes. Even though the soot is removed after deodorizing and pre-cleaning the property, you may still find some soot left on some surfaces. Use a vacuum to remove the residues and wipe the surfaces using a cloth. Removing the debris will make the restoration process easier and improve indoor air quality. Since any sharp objects or pointed debris can harm the inhabitants, removing it is extremely necessary.

3.  Discard Damaged Possessions

Some of your valuable belongings such as documents, paperwork, furniture, cash, and other valuable belongings may get ruined due to the fire. Try to excavate as many personal belongings as you can and scrutinize the damage. To make it easier, make a list of your personal belongings and do not leave anything out. Collect every single possession you own and analyze the condition. Once you know the degree of damage, separate the unsalvageable and undamaged possessions. Even if certain items are not burned, they may be ruined due to water or soot discharge. Discard the damaged belongings or the possessions that cannot be restored and design a plan to replace them.

4.  Dry the Entire Property

When a property is damaged due to fire, the water lines and equipment are likely to get damaged. After the fire extinguishes completely, you may notice that water on the floor and surfaces. Clean and dry the surfaces as soon as possible to begin the restoration process and analyze further damage. Rent commercial dehumidifiers or air movers to dry the water soaked into the floors, walls, and even ceilings. Failing to do so can weaken the structure and damage the property even after restoration. Moreover, water-soaked in due to fire hoses can further damage the property. Remove the upholstery and carpets as they soak up a lot of water.

5.  Hire a Professional Service

No one does a better job at cleaning and restoring a place than the experts with professional tools and years of experience. Hire a professional fire restoration service to analyze the situation and begin the restoration process. The experienced restoration professionals at suggest hiring a service that can restore your property within no time. They use professional tools and equipment such as HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, vacuums, and air scrubbers that can remove soot and debris trapped inside crevices. Along with this, they can also remove unpleasant and dangerous fumes or odor.

fire2 How To Effectively Restore Damage Done To Your Property By Fire and Smoke

6.  Deodorize and Pre-clean

Once the soot is removed, the professionals will deodorize the entire property and make it ready for renovation. The cleaning experts are well-versed with the type of products that go well with certain materials and conduct the cleaning procedure accordingly. They scrutinize the type of material, mildew, and mold formed on your belongings and conduct a thorough pre-cleaning process. At the same time, get your curtains, carpets, and fabrics cleaned and washed as they are susceptible to damage caused by smoke and soot.

To help you restore and renovate your property, call your insurance company and file a claim. Since the entire restoration process can take longer, it can get emotionally and financially nerve-wracking. Keep in touch with your professional cleaning service to learn more about the cleaning and restoration process and stay on track.

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