Besides the floor pantry and your own workstation, the other place that is the most frequented by any employee is the office washroom. Office washrooms are the center place of all the office gossips and at times they become the place where major decisions are taken place.

Now that you know how crucial office washrooms are, it is also very important to ensure their cleanliness. Just as important as it is to keep your office premises clean, your workstations, cubicles clean, it is equally important to have clean washrooms.

You would not want your employees to have a bad impression of your management if you do not pay attention to the cleanliness of your office washrooms.

When it comes to ensuring the cleanliness of the washrooms in office, you must follow a set procedure. Since the number of people using the washroom is more, there are higher chances of the washrooms getting dirty quickly.

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This is one reason why it is trickier to maintain the cleanliness of office washrooms as compared to your washrooms at home that are small and cozy. Not only that, there are high chances of pests making the washroom their home. Look out for pest control services in your area to give you a pest free washroom.

We bring to you a few ways to ensure the cleanliness of your office washrooms so that your employees can have a relaxed time during their office hours.

Awareness amongst the workers

 Keeping the office premises clean is not just the responsibility of the office management but it should equally be shared by the workers. It is crucial that you make your employees aware about the benefits of having a clean washroom.

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Make them aware of the basic ways in which they can contribute in keeping the office clean. Since it is the employees who will use the washroom most, they must be the ones to ensure the cleanliness as well. You should encourage the workers to keep the washrooms clean and leave them cleaner once they are used.

Although the workers are expected to show toilet etiquettes, but you must still ask your employees to follow certain basic rules like flushing the toilet after every use, not flushing plastic or paper, no smoking in the washrooms and throwing the soap wrappers and strands of hair in the dustbins. You will see how these small efforts by your employees will have major impact in keeping the washrooms clean.

Daily cleaning of the washroom

 Daily cleaning is an important aspect of ensuring the cleanliness of office washrooms. Just like the floors are cleaned daily in the office, the washrooms should also be cleaned daily as well.

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This should be a regular procedure in offices and must be done before the working hours primarily. But that does not mean that your cleaning team has completed the job. Washrooms should be cleaned during the day as well to ensure the hygiene and neatness.

Apart from having a dedicated cleaning staff for cleaning the restrooms from time to time, you must also have a support staff present in the washrooms during the office hours. These helpers ensure that after every use, the restrooms are kept clean making the job of thorough cleaning easier for the cleaning staff.

Deep cleaning of restrooms

 Just as essential are the daily cleaning procedures, deep cleaning of restrooms is also very important. When it comes to the sanitation and maintenance of the office premises, companies bestow their trust in deep cleaning services.

Every once in a while, the company management must hire cleaning services to perform deep cleaning in the office. This includes the cleaning of the washrooms as well.

Whereas the hygiene and sanitation is looked after by the cleaning staff, there is much more to washroom cleaning. Office washrooms must always be kept shining and sparkling.

Although yes, the daily cleaning procedures do keep the washrooms clean, but when you start getting a feeling that the washrooms are getting dull and the tiles have lost their shine, you need to hire a tile cleaning service like Ultimate Restoration Services.

The professionals will ensure that you get a shining washroom in return which is not just clean and hygienic. Along with that, they will also provide pest control Yeppoon services to give you washrooms free from any kind of rodents and insects. Installation of bathroom stalls can also prove to be easier when it comes to cleaning. One Point Partitions offer bathroom partitions that are finished using a powder coat over galvanized steel, yielding a surface that’s resistant to corrosion, grease, acids, mars, and stains. These powder-coated steel bathroom partitions offer the best value.